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  1. I live just outside of Albany here in Georgia. Give me a few days till I go back into town and I'll gladly look around for you. Best I understand from your post, your looking for this particular airframe, correct? I'll take some pics as well if I find her.
  2. This is awesome, wish I had thought of during my time as ATM at ZJX. I will not take away from anyone's realism since the same procedures, STARS and SIDS will be utilized, just now you will have better coverage. As Matthew stated, VATSIM makes us have to make concessions like CTR controlling APP on down when they are not on. This is the exact same situation. Since we all have a manpower shortage, the situation dictates that this is a great solution to the age old problem of spot coverage. Daniel is a real world controller and I have the highest respect for his ideas and knowledge of the h
  3. Brand new Internet provider today, so I should be good to go this time. Sorry I missed the last one guys.
  4. What we are looking for in our sector file is not just the listing of the airfields, but the diagrams of them as well. We have about 15 fields already what we would like to get is all of the military airfields and most of the towered fields in ZJX placed in our sector file. If someone knows how to do this we would really appriciate any help you can give.
  5. Once you recieve the e-mail, you should be able to take the Basic exam. And I do believe that you will have to take, but since you are already and S2, it should be real easy. Hope that helps and welcome to VATUSA.
  6. Gary, You will be greatly missed by us all. You brought an openess and fairness to VATUSA that was sorely needed and much appreciated. Keep in touch and thank you for all you have done.
  7. Excellent, very nice to see such a positive post for a change here. Way to go ZMA and best of luck with the event.
  8. Lucas, No sir, just show up and enjoy some great controlling. Be looking for you and thanks for coming out.
  9. Please join me in welcoming back Mr. Tom Ferry as our ATM at ZJX. Good to have you back at the helm my friend.
  10. Agree 100%. To many controllers make a big deal out of VFR traffic when there should not be.
  11. Bruno, a great big congratulations to you buddy. Houston has gained a wonderful staff member.
  12. Congratulations, welcome to long hours, no pay, but great job satisfaction.
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