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  1. The P0 course and test is a good step, should weed out some of the troublemakers.
  2. Of course the first step in dealing with a new pilot is to point him towards the PRC so he can read up on the appropriate material. Some pilots however, do not want to learn and expect you to do everything for them.
  3. Tom David


    No, it just shows the events immediately leading up to the crash. Complete log here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VxvpdmNal1y8Plfchmphf4vuh-SrTwNL
  4. Tom David


    Attributed to swift loading aircraft into the sim, coincided with me checking a chart on avitab. Log available here: 1:48:23.226 I/SCN: DSF load time: 137757 for file Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth nav data/+50+000/+50+002.dsf (0 tris, 0 skipped for 0.0 m^2) 1:48:23.604 I/SCN: DSF load time: 519654 for file Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth nav data/+50+000/+50+004.dsf (0 tris, 0 skipped for 0.0 m^2) 1:48:25.754 I/SCN: DSF load time: 2526600 for file Global Scenery/X-Plane 11 Global Scenery/Earth nav data/+50+000/+50+002.dsf (242597 tris, 14 skipped for -17.6 m^2) 1:48:27.284
  5. I am doing a flight from Vagar to EDI in the flight factor A320. Frame rates always above 30 fps, yet it keeps disconnecting me
  6. I had that at Dusseldorf a couple of days ago. It got progressively louder. Probs due to range simulation issues
  7. The Xpilot log is located in AppData\Local\xPilot\PluginLogs heres mine: [18:45:30.790] >> {"params":{},"surface":"BEACON_LIGHTS_ON","command":"SurfaceUpdate","callsign":"EZY45NT","value":true} [18:45:31.070] >> {"params":{"lat":44.94107,"lon":1.19504,"heading":304.0,"altitude":19729.0,"bank":0.0,"pitch":2.0},"command":"PositionUpdate","callsign":"AFR1974"} [18:45:31.275] >> {"params":{"lat":45.88328,"lon":1.28586,"heading":175.0,"altitude":35002.0,"bank":0.0,"pitch":2.0},"command":"PositionUpdate","callsign":"BAW17"} [18:45:32.455] >> {"params":{},"s
  8. Tom David


    see XPilot log below: [18:45:30.189] >> {"params":{},"surface":"ON_GROUND","command":"SurfaceUpdate","callsign":"BEE863","value":false} [18:45:30.790] >> {"params":{},"surface":"STROBE_LIGHTS_ON","command":"SurfaceUpdate","callsign":"EZY45NT","value":false} [18:45:30.790] >> {"params":{},"surface":"BEACON_LIGHTS_ON","command":"SurfaceUpdate","callsign":"EZY45NT","value":true} [18:45:31.070] >> {"params":{"lat":44.94107,"lon":1.19504,"heading":304.0,"altitude":19729.0,"bank":0.0,"pitch":2.0},"command":"PositionUpdate","callsign":"AFR1974"} [18:45:31.275]
  9. So they can place a "virtual transceiver" anywhere in the world and listen in?
  10. So, I'm not sure about other frequencies but I'm sure they will all work in the same way as 122.8: If it isn't an active frequency used by ATC, aircraft will be able to transmit within a range of 15nm, which allows VOICE Unicom to be perfectly suitable for single aerodromes. These sound like good ideas. But lets just say some little kid starts mic spamming and trolling the frequency, how would a SUP deal with it?
  11. How will frequencies like 122.8 121.5 and 123.45 be moderated? Im curious considering the new codec wont have rooms like melp does.
  12. Ommitting the equipment code isnt the same as ommitting the whole route...
  13. Denying clearance to an invalid flight plan is exactly what a real controller would do
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