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  1. This problem is very important, I'm almost finishing my thesis and this presents a big drawback. Hasn't this happen to any of you guys??
  2. I'm running simulations with air traffic scenario files that I made. Thing is, the TAS that I introduce in the scenarios are not being verified and instead the aircraft are travelling with Ground Speeds different than the TAS that I wanted. Why is this happening if I have no wind in the simulation and hence the TAS should be equal to GS? And also, why is it that when i use GetGS() function in the plug-in making, that value is almost never the same as in the Euroscope aircraft TAGs? Thank you for the help
  3. Yeah that's a acceptable workaround... Problem is, I made a traffic generator file so I will need to put much more points in the airplanes flight plans, which is really painful to do So the answer to my question Zhong, there's no way of the plug-in identyfing the airplanes if i put some delay right?
  4. If i have some airplane in the scenario file that has some start value in the $ROUTE field ("The start value here is a wait time in minutes after that the aircraft will be added to the simulation." ), is there any way of my plug-in identifying that aircraft in the initial loop of the airplanes? I ask this because for my purposes i need to have information of all the aircrafts that are going to take part in the simulation at all times. Thank you in advance
  5. So, I found out the problem but don't know how to solve it. The problem is that sObjectId still points to "Closebutton" even after Released. So when i press the left button of the mouse anywhere on the screen it still thinks I'm trying to move the Close button. I noticed this while debugging because if i move the Close button and then click on another screen object this problem does not happen (because sObjectId points at something else now) How do i clean sObjectId after Released? More scpecifically, where is this sObjectId initialized?because I can't find it anywhere
  6. Sorry to revive this thread after so much time but I'm having the exact same problem. Did you manage to solve it Kent Dong? Here's my code: Can anyone help me solve this please?
  7. I'm sorry Gergely, i'm not following. Firstly: when you say this You said first edge is between point 0 and 2 so by order of logic, do you mean "edge n-2 is between points n-1 and n-3" ? Secondly:so you are telling me that ES defines edges between points is the array of points. So GetPointsCaldulatedIndex gives the index of the closest edge? Why is it a point then.. Thank you for the help
  8. So, i print to a file all the points in the Extracted Route like this EuroScopePlugIn::CAircraftExtractedRoute ext_route=Aircraft.GetExtractedRoute(); for(int j=0;j textfile< and for a given airplane it's the following: BEDRA 4520N 4027N 3530N 3033N 2536N 2038N 1340N Airplane is on fix BEDRA, as it was drew there. So why is it that when i do this: ext_route.GetPointName(ext_route.GetPointsCalculatedIndex()) the given fix is 4520N? The function GetPointsCaldulatedIndex says on EursocopePlugIn: " Return : // The index of point in the extracted rout
  9. For people who check this thread in the future, i just want to say that this is very important. I still had errors in the places where the aircrafts were displayed and solved them by aplying Todor's advice
  10. Which additional parameters are you talking about?
  11. It is doing what you have told him to do You have said to the simulator: "create a traffic at these coordinates :@N:BAW930:4751:1:35.0:-30.0:34000:0:0:0 and then follow the route starting from point 4520N with coordinates N45.00.00.000 E20.00.00.000". Also use the N/S and W/E in the scenario, not +/- Ah ok, i didn't knew that's how route worked. I thought that by putting the aircraft on 3530N he would start its route there and follow for the next waypoint on the Route. Ty for the info mate So, is there any way to put some last waypoints of the aircraft in the sc
  12. The 2 points in question in the SCT file: "3530N N035.00.00.000 W030.00.00.000 ; - N35 00 W030 00 3033N N030.00.00.000 W033.00.00.000 ; - N30 00 W033 00" When i'm in Euroscope and i go to the "Display Settings->Show Fixes" it displayes all the corret fixes so i don'believe the problem is there.
  13. On wiki it says that the $ROUTE part is optional. But even if i put it like this: $ROUTE:BAW930:4520N 4027N 3530N 3033N 2536N 2038N 1340N the aircraft starts going East...
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