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  1. I get this when trying it. Thanks in advance for whoever materialized it. For sure any minor bugs will be over soon.
  2. My pleasure Mike 😉
  3. TB20 used to be TRIN and it was brought back to TB20 (but is not mentioned in the below reference. The rest remain TAMP and TOBA. Regards from a TB20 flyer 😉 https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/SKYbrary_Wiki:AircraftDataSQL TAMP SOCATA TB-9 Tampico Landplane 1 Piston L TOBA SOCATA TB-10 Tobago Landplane 1 Piston L TRIN SOCATA TB-20 Pashosh Landplane 1
  4. I hadn't realized it was recently updated. Thanks. I just updated it to 2.2.1 beta 11, did not change any settings and it seems to work fine.
  5. @Frederick Arisandi Where are WXR_Server, Page_Prefix and Page_Suffix ? I couldn't find them. My settings below but I have not tweaked much except the RDF_Mode=-1 to disable TopSky's RDF and use the other and the WXR data to fit my geographic area and colors intensity etc. They are in folder ...\PlugInEnvironment\TopSky TopSkySettings.txt Setup=SE RDF_Mode=-1 RwyAppLines_Length=0 RwyAppLines_Markers=0 RwyAppLines_MarkerSpacing=0 RwyAppLines_Auto=0 System_MetricUnits=0 System_QFE=0 System_TrueColorMode=0 Sy
  6. Thanks, @Mark Doyle by all means, if you see something I can/could have done better, let me know, since I went by trial and error in managing this setup and I'm not an expert !
  7. @Mark Doyle and some notes on add on's TopSky plugin https://forum.vatsim-scandinavia.org/forum/54-plugins/ I run it in Euroscope beta v3.2.1.2 ( Euroscope beta https://www.euroscope.hu/wp/category/beta-release/ ) because the standalone RDF plugin https://github.com/chembergj/RDF was crashing in later Euroscope beta's.
  8. https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/forums/forum/54-plugins/ You install and load the plugin in Euroscope for Standard ES Screen. Euroscope --> OTHER SET --> Plug-ins--> and load it to the --> Standard ES Radar Screen For enabling it go to the SETUP list, left in the top grey bar of TopSky you enable the display of precipitation via Setup-->Weather Map. Remember, its not clouds but only precipitation where weather radar gets returns from it. Its data source is https://www.rainviewer.com/ My settings: TopSky-> Setup -> Weather Map Brightness 20
  9. @Anastasios Mpithas thank you for initially pointing out what needed to change.
  10. At least we found the reason. Thanks @Anastasios Mpithas Its a static file per download so unless it could be updated as "VERSION=8" each time, or Eursocope could be updated to accept "VERSION=9" it would not help. I have emailed the network team again hopefully to get some response. Is it a network issue or a Euroscope issue to be honest ? If its the latter @Gergely Csernak 904331 please have a look 😉
  11. I have notified the network team since it started, lets hope there can be a solution.
  12. @Robin Meads 1449583 have you managed any solution to the problem ?
  13. Indeed, the problem is still on, I sent an email to network staff yesterday when I first experienced it. I never got a reply but I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume they're on it. Basically we loose traffic information beyond our Euroscope's range.
  14. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/23562-using-concorde-as-an-ai-model-in-p3d-v4/
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