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  1. I'm having the same problem, however the solution doesn't work for me. If I click "OK" on the Unhandled Exception dialog, another box comes up saying RadarContact.vATIS has stopped working. the process doesn't show up in the Task Manager unless vATIS is running (or at least attempting to run), so I can't close vATIS and kill the process as mentioned. I can end the process while vATIS is telling me that there is an Unhandled Exception, but that still doesn't get it to work. In addition to killing the process, I've tried running as admin, and reinstalling, and reinstalling+emptying the config fi
  2. I appreciate the reply. The USB is plugged directly into the computer, but I have other ports I can try. So far I'm just trying to figure out how to keep it running. I'll keep trying different things. Thanks for the input Camden. -Billy
  3. I use Joker PTT to work with the infamous Plantronics PTT, and for some reason when I'm using the software, it'll work fine for a few minutes, with the blue light in the taskbar lighting up, and my TX light lighting up in VRC. Eventually though, the software will stop working (I'll push my PTT and nothing happens) and I'll go down to the task bar to try to troubleshoot, only to have Joker disappear an close on me. I'll have to reopen it, only for the same thing to happen to me a few minutes later. I've tried running as admin, changing the program compatibility, and all sorts of other things.
  4. I have a wind out of 360 that vATIS displays as 0 in both the top wind and altimeter display and the ATIS text. The voice synthesizer reads it out correctly as 360 at XX and the METAR display is correct, but the wind and ATIS display is wrong. The wind display says 011KT, rather than 36011KT.
  5. Hey Justin, I just got the vATIS update to, and loaded up on AUS_TWR. After connecting the ATIS I noticed in the box it says "AUSTIN-BERGSTROM INT AIRPORT." The voice synthesizer actually read it as typed. The time also shows up as missing the first number, "FOUR FIVE THREE ZULU." I checked up with another Houston controller who reported the same issue. So far, that's all I have found, but I'll report anything else I find. Overall it's a great program. It's extremely helpful and works really well. I'm sure that something just got mixed up in the update. _________________
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