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  1. Congratulations Felix, welcome onboard!
  2. Any chance to get a new license? In the same circumstances for this 🙂
  3. Great job guys, looking good!
  4. Congrats Alessandro, looking to working with our italians neighbors !
  5. Thanks Nick! We've got some great things that we're planning to bring to the Network. It's my pleasure to announce the new staff of the French vACC: François-Xavier Obert as ATC Training Director, an experienced C1 who has been active in the community for years Peter Pare as the Head of Digital Services, who has already brought us a great new website and associated discord server Fabrice R. as the Head of Marketing, who is already fired up thinking about our next big event This is only the start of the new structure, and we are actively looking for new members to join our
  6. Also what I have noticed, just hit test URL and check the "automatic update" checkbox, the ATIS will auto update push the letter to all controllers.
  7. Hey there, I've just released a new version of vSMR addressing a crash to desktop issue with EuroScope's latest beta. Find it here: https://github.com/pierr3/vSMR/releases/tag/1.5.102 This version provides for quite a lot changes, but is backward compatible (meaning you do not have to update your config file, although you might want to in order to enjoy the latest of features): General stability fixes and lots of polishing Fixed crash on close issue with latest EuroScope beta Added the possibility to receive telex messages via PDC (Thanks @DrFreas !) Incom
  8. Although there still seems to be some issues with the plugin handling, I may have pushed an update to vSMR would seems to be fix some of the crashes, I encourage you to have a try, it's the nightly build available on Github
  9. @Gergely Csernak 904331 Any updates on this? Seems like this is still not fixed in the last two betas and still causes a hang on close
  10. Hey Claus, Great plugin, thank you for the contribution! You're doing me a favour as I was still regularly receiving emails about making the RDF part of my MUAC plugin independent One thing you might consider is threading the function that calls the web server. In the current way you have your plugin implemented, you risk blocking the main Euroscope thread while you make your HTTP reuquest, which would essentially freeze Euroscope, especially since GetActivePilotCallsign gets called quite often when controlling a busy frequency. My code does this if you need inspiration but my impleme
  11. Hi all, Martin, the link is broken, my bad, I'll try and get it back up asap. EDIT: The link is back up.
  12. Are you sure this is legit? There is no Clipperton Government, as the island is under direct control of the French Ministry of Overseas department. Moreover, the island has been uninhabited since 1945 but the website lists the address of "DCA H.Q Building, Clipperton International Airport, Clipperton 11021, Clipperton" (there is no Clipperton International Airport). If you go to any non existent page of the site, you'll see it redirects to opsfox.net, which again, does not seem very legit. I couldn't find any information on the websites of the French DGAC, Government, or the Government of
  13. Hi everyone, I am slowly getting to writing "vSMR v2". It will contain the following main features, but the list is not fixed: New, simpler, C++17 codebase to encourage more participation New TOML format configuration file, a more human readable format than the current JSON Better testing and exception handling to increase stability Dropped MFC dependency (We'll see how long that last), as well as other old libraries Dropped Windows XP support Dropped vStrips support (at least initially) Faster, smarter rendering Better UI with more interactivity Better approach window functionalit
  14. Quite a nice find! I had started building a while ago a plugin to simulate AMAN, but I had no idea any form of an arrival manager was already present, at least in 3.1.
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