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  1. Hey folks, I have just recently updated my Euroscope client to the version 3.2a(r18) and I also had a sweatbox session with a student earlier. Although I have noticed that there was a button missing which is located somewhere here -http://prntscr.com/lbmnj7. I kinda forgot the name of that dialog box but you have the ability to set up the simulated controllers there. Not sure if that has been removed or has been placed somewhere else. Any help here would be greatly appreciated
  2. This might help - was quoted from a thread I had before viewtopic.php?f=134&t=72664
  3. On Saturday, 21th of April, there will be a CENTER Controller Practical Test at the Philippines (RPHI). Help RPHI_CTR Controller Michael Uy gain his C1 ATC Rating. He needs a lot of traffic to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]! Both VFR and IFR are welcome to fly in! Time: 1100z-1400z Charts: bit.ly/rphicharts
  4. Hi Stanley, Apologies about the website being unaccessible. We are currently in the process of changing our webhost and we are just waiting for the domain to be released. Anyway, the website is deployed on a temporary webhost at this time so you can download the sector files there instead. Here is the link where you will find the sector files - https://vatphil-mvauy.rhcloud.com/sector (This link is no longer available) UPDATE The website is now back up and running. Our sector files for the Philippines vACC can now be accessed via https://vatphil.com/sector Regards
  5. Hi, If you're looking for a good amount of traffic, I would personally go with VATUK. I was a controller for VATUK for quite some time and it was a very good experience - the training is great and mentors will make sure that you're up to standard. However the main concern there is the waiting list, for some airports (or probably all airports) have a huge waiting list so you will also need to wait for some time for you to start training for a position.
  6. Found the problem. On the base URL, it is set as https://cert.vatsim.net/sso but it looks like the URL needed a slash in the end so it should've been https://cert.vatsim.net/sso/ and now it works perfectly. Thank you very much Jamie for guiding me all through out. Much appreciated!
  7. Update: I have set RSA as the authentication method both on the SSO account and on the config file with the private and public RSA keys placed. Turns out to still have the same error.
  8. I have configured that now but it stll returns the same error. I think though that it is not doing what is it supposed to do since I believe that once I click on login, it should redirect me to the base url but what it is doing is that I am still being sent to the actual login page for moodle.
  9. The php code that tou gave me ran as expected and I did request that IP which is now approved. However for the return URL, I am not entirely sure how to configure that.
  10. I have configured it once again with the live credentials(still using HMAC) and am still getting the auth_vatsim/An error occurred with the login process error
  11. The IP was indeed different so I have requested the IP now.
  12. This wil be a pretty noobish question but since moodle is the only php script that is running on the website. Where could I possibly place that line of code?
  13. Yes, the server IP Address is correct.
  14. I have tried setting up the demo on the config and it works fine
  15. I believe that everything is correct.
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