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  1. After many years came back using Hoppie and still can't find where to change incoming massage sound. will appreciate any idea ? thx
  2. I have sometimes a suuden increase in ATC sound. It happens randomly with no logic explaination.... Any ideas ? (All my windows setting are set to not allow any control of application...)
  3. Hi threre, I been using Hoppie CPDLC and it is working great The only issue is that there is no option to had sound alert when new m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]age arrive A bleep or a sound is very much needed and I would appreciate any help if someone have any idea how to do it ? Thank you.
  4. What livery do you see them as? And do you definitely have a baw livery installed in the right type code and vpilot is finding it in the scan? I saw BAW plane for sure, yes. Regarding the SHT livery I don't recall but I it was some charter or NORD something livery... I can take a screen shot tonight when EGLL is busy if needed... Anyway is it something I can manually edit somewhere ? or not ?
  5. Hi, I'm using vPilot v2 and still see all SHT a/cs as other livery then the BAW one... Is there anyway to update / edit it manually ?
  6. Looking forwared for it ! Thx Ross !
  7. Hi all, I know it is probably been discussed many times. I've manage to install and use vPilot on a remote machine with traffic proxy but I t is not really effective since you have to use the remote sound for ATC... So using Fs2crew and vPilot are not really possible.... I tried to find a way maybe to login on my main machine and make vPilot on the remote just for text and sound but nada... if someone know a trick or a way , will be appreciate if can post here.
  8. Just like Fsinn ? I can't understand from all posts if it is capable or not? Is the any good manual for it ? Sorry for the many
  9. Oh... Well this is a very importent feature using Fsinn, so I can use VATSIM voice and Fs2crew in using same mic... Is there any planning to add this feature in the future ?
  10. Hi, Can voice be used from FSX PC ? (like Fsinn) Or does it use Network PC voice ?
  11. Congrtas !!! Way to go Evgeny ! More then well deserved !
  12. VATIL - is proud to present its main event of the year: "Around the clock",ATC SERVICES VATIL`S 11th Control Room Event, 80 hours of Non-Stop ATC . Once a year VATIL organizes a special event which brings all of our virtual air traffic controllers together to provide ATC services for the Israeli airspace in VATSIM. This special event combines special equipment that is organized in such a way which exposes our virtual air traffic controllers to a simulated real word ATC environment. This year our event starts on Thursday 22.12.11 14:00z and Ends Sunday 25.12.11 22:00z. D
  13. LLBG - Ben gurion airport new scenery. As some of you know LLBG airport has gone via some major contraction update for the last years. A new commercial scenery is up and running. All information can be found here: http://fsaddon.eu/wpfsaddon/?p=1826 For those who didn't purchased the scenery, a new AFCAD is available: FS9: http://www.vatil.org.il/fly/files/bengurionfree_afcad.rar FSX: http://www.virtual-flight.com/dl/fsx/llbg.zip There is a diffrent position between FSX/FS9 defult scenery to the new scenery and in VATIL we are ATCing regarding to the new scenery: This is
  14. Dear VATSIM members, I have the honor to take the lead and change shift with Mr Micky lip as VATIL1 I've been a member of VATSIM since old time as well as VATIL member, remembering the day it born. As a Real World aviator I will do my best making VATIL As Real As It Gets under VATSIM rules and content. Micky, thank you for all the effort so far. You handed a very big Division Community which made a very bug progress the last years. Shana Tova and Best regards,
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