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  1. Hello Dace, You can find all new charts and local procedures acquired from AIP Saudi Arabia on VATSIM Saudi Arabia vACC Website: https://www.vatame.org/vacc/OEJD Regards, Behroz Baloch Director- vACC Saudi Arabia
  2. Please add Sectorization of Saudi Jeddah Fir and Karachi and Lahore FIR in Pakistan. Link to sectors provided below: Jeddah FIR: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_uFJ6jzcdxobExiaHJMaER1TFE Karachi & Lahore FIR: https://preview.ibb.co/cMahGa/KARACHI_FIR.png https://preview.ibb.co/ecatNF/LAHORE.png Regards.
  3. Hello Christoph, Enjoying your updates. Kindly please add/correct the Middleastern and Indian Subcontinent ATC boundaries and small airports. Thank you. Regards.
  4. I don't know when you'd need to be tuned into both frequencies at once in this case. I'm thinking that you're referring to requesting oceanic clearance. When that happens, you completely make the switch over and are not required to be on the domestic frequency while obtaining it. Hello Josh, That is required to take entry and Air defence clearance before entering few FIRs as stated in their AIPs. You need to take the clearance while maintaining listen watch of the tuned ATC.
  5. Hello VATSIM, Is there any development in Vpilot regarding tuning in two frequencies. Usually that is required to request entry clearance from the next FIR while being tuned to the present FIR ATC. Regards, Behroz Baloch
  6. #Umrah OPS 2016 Attention all participated pilots: We are pleased to announce that Aerosoft GmbH is sharing free 5 copies of the newly released Marsa Alam Airport Egypt to 5 lucky winners of Umrah OPS 2016 Event. All those who participated are requested to send an email to [email protected] with their flight details from Vataware by 1900z of 23rd June 2016. Winners will be announced by 25th of June Inshallah. Enjoy! Saudi Arabia VACC
  7. Saudi VA was established in the year 2016. We are official partner of the VATSIM Saudi Arabian VACC and have an active presence in the middle east and Europe. We are opening up positions of Events manager and Pilot Training Manager for the VA. Both positions require a good standing in VATSIM Community, excellent professional knowledge and social interaction with VATSIM VACCs and Virtual airlines. Send in your applications to [email protected] Regards, Saudia VA Team www.saudiava.com
  8. Positions Vacant - VACC Saudi Arabia Saudi VACC is opening up following position to filled by professional persons: Positions offered: 1. Events Manager: Will look for the prosper of the VACC by pushing regular events with social interaction with other VACCs, VAs, pilots and controllers. The person needs to be very active on VATSIM, should have at least S3 rating and flawless character. 2. ATC Training Manager: Will look into matters of training of the members of Saudi VACC according to the professional quality and rules of real Saudi AIP, MATS and local SARPs. The person needs to
  9. Join the race to Jeddah and Medina for the third year; Join Annual HAJJ Event 2015. Short and simple - Be on time for your slot Select your slot: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Wnwie7KFs7BuGZg7Xgjwf1BcLRajpPIcB7oAbgfwpy0/viewform?usp=send_form
  10. Greetings Captains! The first Saudi Arabian Virtual Airline for VATSIM has been launched though still in beta phase and requires your feedback. Technically we are finished and also about to launch our new website which will consist of modern pilot tools. We welcome all VATSIM pilots to join our ranks and let us know of any feedback. http://www.saudiava.com Saudia Virtual - The gem of Arabia.
  11. Greetings from VATSIM Saudi vACC, As a part of our Annual Ummrah Event 2015, we are releasing Events details which include charts, Pilot manual and routes from the featured aerodromes. Link to the details: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k7xb5n779pann50/UMRAH%20EVENT%20MANUAL%2C%20ROUTES%20AND%20CHARTS.zip?dl=0 Regards, Behroz Baloch, Events Manager, VATSIM Saudi Arabia.
  12. Annual Umrah Event 2015 Once again VATSIM Saudi Arabia is keeping its heritage of Annual Events right on time. This time with more zeal, more knowledge, more professionalism and ofcourse more enjoyment. This event will focus on Jeddah as the convergance of all arrival flights from all over the world. So see you on your beautiful birds on 9th and 10th of July 2015 from 1700z to 2000z. Registrations are LIVE: http://flights.vatme.net Your own VATSIM Saudi Events Manager. For more details : http://vatsau.vatme.net
  13. Hello Saeed Alghamdi, This is Behroz Baloch from VATSIM Saudi Arabia. It look likes you are having some difficulties with your VATSIM ID. You amy join us on our Teamspeak Channel; we will be happy to help you in this regard. Channel address: teamspeak.vatme.net:7600 P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]: joystick Regards, Behroz Baloch - ACCKSA5 VATSIM Saudi Arabia
  14. VATSIM Saudi Arabia is about to hold its largest event of the year 2014. As very well known that “Hajj” is the fifth pillar of Islam for who has the ability to perform once a life. During Hajj in real life huge volume of traffic approaching and landing at Jeddah and Medina airports are catered in a very professional way; so in order to replicate this great feat of aviation traffic management we as Saudi Arabian vACC are proud to announce the Hajj event for this year which will take place on 27th of September, 2014 for Six long hours starting from 15:00 Zulu to 21:00 Zulu. Saudi vACC in
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