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  1. I did two flight today and yesterday, and many pilots were informing ATC that they are facing this issue. So it’s not just me.
  2. Voice server is really destroying the simulation experience. Yesterday and today major issues with connections on all servers. Any solution in the near future?
  3. Thank you Ross for taking the time to offer help. I will do more testing and revert back if the issue is solved.
  4. Thank you Ross. From where does Vpilot gets its models?
  5. Yes. Only VATSIM traffic as I keep MSFS traffic off.
  6. Mostly yes, but had a few CTDs on final in LSGG and LFMN.
  7. I removed all addon liveries and still had CTD on final to EGKK with Vpilot running. If Vpilot is not running I don’t experience CTD on final.
  8. Yes but I switched back to the older version as the publisher advised if you experience CTD with the latest version.
  9. Yes. 1. FlybyWire A32NX - Development mode with several liveries. 2. Aerosoft CRJ with several liveries.
  10. Good day, I am consistently having CTDs on final approach (2nm) to EGKK when online. I did a test after one CTD incident while offline and did not encounter CTD. CTD conditions: 1. All aircraft 2. Vpilot with ATC and without. 3. Honeycomb throttle and yoke Any help is highly apprciated. Faisal
  11. I just upgraded my CPU and when I connect to vpilot, I can transmit and be heard but cannot hear ATC. I only see RX illuminating when ATC transmits but no voice heard. Solved: With the new CPU came Sonic Sound, which seems to be the issue. I uninstalled it and now all is working well.
  12. Dear Ross, A fix that worked foe me is to change servers in vpilot settings.
  13. I also have noticed 5-10 frames drop when connecting to the network, with no atc but some VATSIM traffic. This started to happen after the latest FS2020 update.
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