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  1. Good afternoon, This is the EHAA controller speaking and I would like to clarify some things. I saw you entering my airspace from the north and was surprised, because you flightplan initially doesn't even p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] my airspace at all, it was following an airway to the west of it. Because it was not supposed to be in my airspace it came as a surprise. It happens quite often that pilots give themselves a direct when no ATC is online to take a shortcut. It creates confusion because pilots will be at places where they are not expected, and sometimes even in airspaces where the
  2. Hey, Nice work on the plugin! Is it also possible to change the font size of the fixes? If so, how? I would like to have them a bit smaller as they are a bit distracting. I already had a look in the symbology settings, but wasnt able to change it. Thanks in advance, Matthijs
  3. The license should be downloaded automatically. Please advise if it is not the case. It is not the case, at first startup of the server it asks for an initial license file:
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