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  1. Its an issue for the controller in the sense he has to deal with an illogical puzzle that you wouldn't find in real life. A real controller would probably be more perturbed by it though than an amateur who is used to illogical puzzles from the hacked together nature of online flight simming across multiple clients and computers. Best way to minimize the controller's issues is to include in your flight plan remarks that you're using no weather so he can figure it out faster.
  2. While its been pointed out that current guidelines say not to do this even if you were to I think the phraseology is ambiguous because this isn't Pilot Edge. Typically Vatsim controllers identify as the one position they're on even if working top down. I would more readily use, at least in FAA terms, the phraseology "change to my frequency" if trying to simulate multiple position frequencies as it makes it clear you're still the same person even if you've broken the freqs up. This is what I would say if I were breaking my enroute airspace up into multiple freqs as it is in reality. For multipl
  3. OP needs to learn about "Click click, click click."
  4. This is why I satisfy myself with freeware for some airports. There are usually people endeavoring to keep all the important changes available and it costs you nothing but your eyes a bit of shock that it looks so 2005 at O'Hare despite being laid out like its 2019.
  5. If its just something as small a changing a frequency you can always do that yourself using a program like Airport Design Editor. I often end up editing freeware scenery anyway to correctly align the PAPIs or add them if they're omitted for some reason.
  6. Pretty common for controllers on VATSIM to completely ignore your non RNAV capability because so few pilots file that. In real life they certainly are as unlikely or more so to see non RNAV departing many major airports. If a controller has failed to appreciate your navigational capability then he may be neglecting facility SOP that would tell him how to better serve you in the mixture of other types of aircraft. By accepting a bad clearance you can't fly you're only making it harder on him and others to serve you properly. For many controllers this could be a learning experience. Its eas
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