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  1. The GRP only states the solo validation needs to be published in a public domain which is accessible to everyone if I recall. Anyhow I don’t see any harm if the solo validation list is posted in the VATSIM forums it would actually be quite easy for staffs & supervisors to find the updated roster data.
  2. Yes the format IAB gives you will be with Semicolon (;), so you can just load the data into sublime & remove the Semicolon (;). By this way you can have it in the ES Format. TBH I use IAB mainly only for Hold & other drawing purpose I don't use it to import NAVAID. For the NAVAID's such as Airway, FIXES, & VOR/NDB) I personally use SectED, it's quite simple & straightforward you can import the NAVDATA of any FIR you wish into the .sct through SectED.
  3. Hi, Normally I use a .sct dummy file & then copy paste the data into the dummy .sct file. Once it's aligned I copy the airway data into the main .sct file. Regards, S G
  4. Yes it does. We used to use IAB to create holding patterns in our Indian Sector Files for ES.
  5. You can do this in IVAO Aurora Builder (IAB). Link: IAB
  6. Hi John, Please have a look at the newly updated VATSpy beta client. It should clear up a lot of your doubts on Sub-sectors of a FIR. Link: VATSpy Regards, S G
  7. India vACC Saturday City Link VIDP –> VECC Event (10:30z - 14:00z) on September 26th. Inviting all pilots for our Saturday City Link Event. Enjoy full ATC Service starting from 10:30z out of Delhi (VIDP) into Kolkata (VECC) till 14:00z. Enjoy a High Quality Kolkata VECC freeware scenery done by our member Mayukh Deb. Route: VIDP - ALI R460 TEPAL - VECC Scenery Links: VECC High Quality Freeware Scenery P3D Only – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F_AZnI42oyrJUGebZbdNv8GTLdlFUsYQ/view?usp=sharing VECC Freeware Scenery FSX Only – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KA
  8. Hey all, I live in UAE & I too face the same problem. I honestly don't understand what is causing this issue. This happens to me both when I connect with Euroscope & VPILOT and I have been reporting this issue since 2017. The only way I have managed to solve this issue is by using VPN and I don't prefer using VPN at all. I hope the network mods will take a look at this. Server: Client authentication response timeout
  9. Hi Fred I face the same problem but this happens to me mainly when I'm in a busy airspace. I tried changing servers, tried reducing traffic limit etc , yet nothing really worked for me. I have a stable internet connection but none of this is helping me to connect to the network when I'm in busy airspace both while being a ATC or a Pilot. I can only connect using a VPN under such circumstances unfortunately. I just don't get why VPILOT gives me the timeout error every time I connect in a busy airspace. Fred are you living in UAE or somewhere in Middle East by any chance? Because I know fe
  10. It's not just that, but, when you hear ATC give an instruction or a clearance -- WAIT FOR THE PILOT TO READ IT BACK before jumping in! +1.
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