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  1. Hi Fred I face the same problem but this happens to me mainly when I'm in a busy airspace. I tried changing servers, tried reducing traffic limit etc , yet nothing really worked for me. I have a stable internet connection but none of this is helping me to connect to the network when I'm in busy airspace both while being a ATC or a Pilot. I can only connect using a VPN under such circumstances unfortunately. I just don't get why VPILOT gives me the timeout error every time I connect in a busy airspace. Fred are you living in UAE or somewhere in Middle East by any chance? Because I know few UAE residents who face the same problem like us.
  2. It's not just that, but, when you hear ATC give an instruction or a clearance -- WAIT FOR THE PILOT TO READ IT BACK before jumping in! +1.
  3. If you activate the runway in ES then the problem should be solved AFAIU. If this issue still remains, then the best way to solve this problem would be by adding a letter code with STAR in your ESE file. For instance: STAR:EGLL:27R:LAM3Ax27R:LOGAN TRIPO SABER BRASO LAM FI27R RW27R STAR:EGLL:09L:LAM3Ax09L:LOGAN TRIPO SABER BRASO LAM FI09L RW09L Hope this helps.
  4. That is one of the feature that is being missed in SectED tool. Due to this we add approach procedures in our vACC through GNG.
  5. VATGOV1 had mentioned in the video that the BOG's and Founders would release a statement in 48hrs. Now why to take a dig on that? I don't find any conflict in that statement.
  6. To copy the ATC text press Ctrl+C then hit Ctrl+V to paste it.
  7. Hi, There is no progress. The only way to reflect SID/STAR Transition is by putting a symbol in your ESE file, this is how we do it in Indian airspace. Example: SID ANOL1A Transition AAU in your ESE File you will have to name this SID like this [sIDSSTARS] SID:VABB:27:ANOL1A_AAU:MB364 ANOLI XOPAL MB373 MB365 SEKVI KAKPO MB366 AAU Hope this helps.
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