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  1. The GRP only states the solo validation needs to be published in a public domain which is accessible to everyone if I recall. Anyhow I don’t see any harm if the solo validation list is posted in the VATSIM forums it would actually be quite easy for staffs & supervisors to find the updated roster data.

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  2. 10 hours ago, Hongye Zhang said:

    hey, you are right. but for airways that's totally unusable. The format is completely incorrect, I cannot modify it manually.

    Yes the format IAB gives you will be with Semicolon (;), so you can just load the data into sublime & remove the Semicolon (;). By this way you can have it in the ES Format. 

    TBH I use IAB mainly only for Hold & other drawing purpose I don't use it to import NAVAID. For the NAVAID's such as Airway, FIXES, & VOR/NDB) I personally use SectED, it's quite simple & straightforward you can import the NAVDATA of any FIR you wish into the .sct through SectED.  

  3. On 3/18/2021 at 4:56 PM, Hongye Zhang said:

    Hi, I found that there is AIRAC export airway function, do you know how to change it to sct format?


    Normally I use a .sct dummy file & then copy paste the data into the dummy .sct file. Once it's aligned I copy the airway data into the main .sct file. 


    S G  

  4. Just now, Hongye Zhang said:

    that's for IVAO, it that work on ES?

    Yes it does. We used to use IAB to create holding patterns in our Indian Sector Files for ES. 

  5. 48 minutes ago, Hongye Zhang said:

    Haha. Yeah. Most best tool of making Sector!  And for the request. Outbound distance means the distance between inbound point until outbound turning. Holding include 4 legs. It means 2 legs(half of holding) should be that distance. In another words, a turn plus a straight (before second turn) is outbound distance. Make more sense?

    You can do this in IVAO Aurora Builder (IAB).

    Link: IAB

  6. vb6peN.jpg

    India vACC Saturday City Link VIDP –> VECC Event (10:30z - 14:00z) on September 26th.

    Inviting all pilots for our Saturday City Link Event. Enjoy full ATC Service starting from 10:30z out of Delhi (VIDP) into Kolkata (VECC) till 14:00z.  
    Enjoy a High Quality Kolkata VECC freeware scenery done by our member Mayukh Deb.  
    See you all for the event,

    On behalf of India vACC Members
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  7. Hey all, 

    I live in UAE & I too face the same problem. I honestly don't understand what is causing this issue. This happens to me both when I connect with Euroscope & VPILOT and I have been reporting this issue since 2017.

    The only way I have managed to solve this issue is by using VPN and I don't prefer using VPN at all. I hope the network mods will take a look at this. 

    Server: Client authentication response timeout

  8. Hi Fred I face the same problem but this happens to me mainly when I'm in a busy airspace. I tried changing servers, tried reducing traffic limit etc , yet nothing really worked for me. I have a stable internet connection but none of this is helping me to connect to the network when I'm in busy airspace both while being a ATC or a Pilot. I can only connect using a VPN under such circumstances unfortunately. I just don't get why VPILOT gives me the timeout error every time I connect in a busy airspace. 

    Fred are you living in UAE or somewhere in Middle East by any chance? Because I know few UAE residents who face the same problem like us. 

  9. I don’t think you’ve quite understood my explanation, perhaps because in the UK we have the same STAR name for ALL runways?


    So in the case where the WILLO3B for 26L and 08R are both in the ese file, and the pilot has put WILLO3B in their flight plan route string, EuroScope will select WILLO3B 26L if it comes before the entry for 08R in the ese. This is done regardless of the runway in use according to the runway dialog. So it’s fine when the active runway is 26L but not when 08R.


    Some more useful background to the perhaps specific problem to the UK, but logic that would not be unwelcome in EuroScope in any case: https://github.com/VATSIM-UK/UK-Sector-File/commit/0846660eca6fd136ed87e0830f000e6c5b6f7962


    If you activate the runway in ES then the problem should be solved AFAIU.


    If this issue still remains, then the best way to solve this problem would be by adding a letter code with STAR in your ESE file.


    For instance:



    Hope this helps.

  10. @Ira: yes, but unlike a POS REP by, you do not need to read it back. You just acknowledge it. Saves work and time. Entering the data (points, times and levels) has to be done in either case. If handled correctly, CPDLC is not unreasonably more work, it keeps the frequency (both voice and text) open for meaningful communication and pilots can send their reports at any point in time. For me, that's a cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ical win-win-situation.



  11. Im updating the sector of Mexico for Euroscope using SectEd and the oficial Level-D navdata from navigraph 1809/1, so far so good, everything fine BUT, the approach procedures are not imported, just the SID's and STAR's


    Any idea that could help me?


    That is one of the feature that is being missed in SectED tool. Due to this we add approach procedures in our vACC through GNG.

  12. 1. How did you know there was going to be an announcement coming out?


    2. Why would a founder or board member make important statements, and they not be linked to here?


    Maybe marketing can follow the board and founders, and market their statements to all members.


    VATGOV1 had mentioned in the video that the BOG's and Founders would release a statement in 48hrs. Now why to take a dig on that? I don't find any conflict in that statement.

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