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  1. To copy the ATC text press Ctrl+C then hit Ctrl+V to paste it.
  2. Hi, There is no progress. The only way to reflect SID/STAR Transition is by putting a symbol in your ESE file, this is how we do it in Indian airspace. Example: SID ANOL1A Transition AAU in your ESE File you will have to name this SID like this [sIDSSTARS] SID:VABB:27:ANOL1A_AAU:MB364 ANOLI XOPAL MB373 MB365 SEKVI KAKPO MB366 AAU Hope this helps.
  3. Hi, $com is the built in function code to get the primary frequency of the controller in ES. So you can add $com into your alias to show your primary frequency with your position name. P.S If no primary frequency is selected, It will return to 199.998. Hope this help!
  4. I agree with you Rahul, IMO if Chris needs a break let him take it after all this is just a volunteer work. Thanks for stepping up.
  5. Bill & Callum The latest VATSpy Update provided by Chris can be downloaded by following this link : https://github.com/IndiavACC/VAT-Spy-Data-Files-Update-2017
  6. Go to Run Type: %AppData%/VAT-Spy Press enter, you should see a file called VATSpyConfig or VATSpyConfig.xml. Delete the file and restart VATSpy. Hope this helps!
  7. Jesil, Thanks for all of your contributions to the network it was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy your time off & the other side of the network. Best Regards!
  8. Hey all, Is there anyway for SECTED to detect the approach transitions, in order to import the arrival routes of a airport such as procedural entries & DME ARC's? I am able to only import STAR's from SECTED by using the LEVEL-D NAV Data. Thanks.
  9. I agree with you Shrikar. I strongly feel we need a Official Map for displaying online ATC and Pilots in our network, I do understand there is a stats page which shows the online list of ATC and Pilot. But I feel that the stats page with a official traffic Map would look even more better to attract the pilots of our network. For instance in India we have a lot of subsectors under one FIR and most of the traffic maps don’t provide the details of these ATC units, so we have to give our subsector information to each pilot who visits our airspace via P.M because they will have absolutely
  10. I am also having this same issue voice stops working after 15-30 mins with ports forwarded and firewall disabled.
  11. Hi, VILH is a Military based airfield hence no charts are provided, but there is a good approach guide available which was created by one of our India vACC member Tanveer Yaseer. To download follow this link: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=forums&srcid=MTgzNjc5MDUwOTQxMDAwMTc0MjMBMTI3MTQzMTk2OTk0MDcxODM3MjABc1ItcTI1RS0xWVFKATAuMQEBdjI Regards,
  12. Hi Chris, Please make sure to add airport OTBD Doha Intl in the next update. Details: N025.15.40.999 E051.33.54.199 Thanks!
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