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  1. You can also give a try here http://www.edi-gla.co.uk/fpl/ they provide almost all real world FP's.
  2. Here in India we use Sweatbox as our major training tool due to the lack of traffic in our airspace. Sweatbox has really helped us for conducting proficiency check & OTS.
  3. India update. Requesting a ICAO Code change for the airport VIBN to VEBN in the next update. Thanks!
  4. Alan, A big thank you for everything what you have done for us mate, It was a real pleasure to work with you. Hope to see you soon flying in our virtual skies!
  5. Hello Andreas, If you are looking for an updated VATSpy data files which contain the latest FIR"s etc, you can get it by following this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dnndvmk2d0u1pm6/VATSpy%20Update%202017.zip?dl=0 Hope this helps.
  6. I have added all the latest updates & and the above requests in this version. Download Link: https://github.com/IndiavACC/VAT-Spy-Data-Files-Update-2017
  7. I hope they will pick your email this time
  8. Hello Hoo, I am not sure how active they are right now but I can tell you speaking Mandarin is mandatory to be a visiting controller in Taiwan. I have given you a PM with the contact details of Division Director hope this helps.
  9. Hello All, You can get the latest VATspy update by following this link: https://github.com/IndiavACC/VAT-Spy-Data-Files-Update-2017 I have added all the latest updates of India, Pakistan, Africa, VATPAC & VATNZ airspace. Faisal it also has the updated GULF_FSS. Updated Indian Airspace!
  10. VATSIM West Asia is seeking applications for the position of India vACC Director. We are looking for applicants that feel they can fulfil the following duties: • Oversee daily operations • Publicise and arrange ATC for events • Act as a spokesperson for India vACC In addition, the successful candidate should fulfil the following requirements: • Currently holding a controller rating of S3 or above and having a good disciplinary record on VATSIM • Availability of 5 hours per week for administrative tasks • Familiar with the ATC procedures within India VACC • Have a regular o
  11. Amit & team, Thank you for all the time and effort!
  12. Congratulations Gunnar. Good luck for your new role!!
  13. IMO, you can lock at 40 FPS that should be fine.
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