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  1. Peter, Thank you for all of your contributions. All the best,
  2. Works fine for me!! Good work!!
  3. As Ryan mentioned above to get the updated one follow this link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32160940/VatSpy_Update_JUL2016.zip
  4. Hello Shujaa, Could you try by replacing in this format. Hope this works. OPKR_CTR:Karachi Control:123.900:KC:C:OPKR:CTR:OPKR:CTR:7400:7477
  5. http://www.airindiavirtual.net/ Will allow you to fly any aircraft that you wish.
  6. Congrats Jesil & Omais. Alan and Anthony, a big thank you for everything that you have done for us guys! Cheers,
  7. Congrats Jesil & Omais. Alan and Anthony, a big thank you for everything that you have done for us guys!
  8. Congratulation An!! All the best mate!!
  9. I use SectEd & IvAc Builder for editing my sector files.
  10. Sorry to Dig up an old thread Sebastian & Mrinal we have now splitted VABF FIR into three CTR'S (VAAH_CTR, VABB_CTR & VANP_CTR). We have also added VABX_CTR which is the Mumbai Radio. More information can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=124&t=71552 Cheers,
  11. VATSPY India 2016 Update Dear David & Ross there are alot of changes which took place in the Indian Airspace FIR's & airports therefore this is a very long update. Some airports needs to be removed and some airports needs to be added . Even some FIR's needs to be added & some FIR's within the current VATSPY database needs to be edited. I have all the data converted to VATSPY format therefore, I request you to update this to VATSPY database. If you need any more information or any other help from my side do let me know. Airports To Be Added: VAAH|Ahmadabad-Sard
  12. Well, its 2016 Its high time we implement real world Airspaces in VATSIM and reach its goal "As Real As It Gets". Change Log : Previous Changes (Added Airports) by Ulhas Juggalkar Updated VOMF,VABF,VECF Boundaries. Added ACCs : (As per India - AIP) Mumbai - 132.6 Mhz Ahmedabad - 119.80 Mhz Nagpur - 123.90 Mhz Trivandrum 125.95 Mhz Bengaluru - 119.45 Mhz Mangalore - 127.55 Mhz Cochin -
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