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  1. I loaded it 20 times, the txt file in FSnavigator, Airways.txt . And it is the latest cycle. I don't know ....maybe it is the sector file, but what kind of role does it play in all that? And, for the TAG, I don't know it is the sector file. I am sure it is some kind of bug in Euroscope. If it says FIR exit point name, it should show it to me all the time. If the FIR is only one sector, then same goes for Sector exit point name. I've tried it with other sector files and it is same thing.
  2. Same thing for UN132, in AIRWAYS.txt is defined MAVAR BITLA, but it shows MAVAR TALAS. What might be the problem? where is the bug?
  3. I checked the Airways.txt file, and there is LONTA defined. And in the TAG there is FIR exit point, but not showing it. I changed it to "exit sector point name" and shows it right, but I am not sure if it will show it to every aircraft. How should I change it? Thanks.
  4. Here, airway UL608 within LWSS is between DISOR and LONTA. The tag is set up to show the FIR exit point. I see only DISOR, which is not the FIR exit point (in this case is LONTA). Also, UL608, I see only DISOR point, no sign of LONTA. In the SCT file, it is defined "UL608 DISOR DISOR LONTA LONTA" . Please help, Thanks
  5. Guys, I am trying to fix the TMA lines, but have no idea how. Any suggestion is welcomed. Or if someone of you know how to do it, i'd be very grateful!! [on ES, u see the lines not the same, here is SKJ radial 171 for ex] [and chart original SKJ radial 176 ] Thanks.
  6. It cannot be changed to 0. But anyway, solved it. It is in the display settings , in "runways", just needs to be deselected. If there is any other way, please let me know. Tnx.
  7. I have a question about the extended line, is there any way to remove the angles only i.e the "vectoring" shown in the dialog? I want to make it like real world, without the 30 degree angle shown, just a simple straight line. Tnx. Dante.
  8. Reinstalled my windows, factory default. No change, still the same. I guess there is no solution for this one.
  9. Tried that, but it is still colorful, the background is black and grey. I don't know if plugin is available, but it would be cool to have one.
  10. Hey Gergely, any idea how to change that? Using win7. Tnx, Dante.
  11. Tnx Jonas, tried that, made it smaller, the window too, but no change in ES. Will use TAB now, I'll wait if someone else has the same problem. If not, I'll be reinstalling my windows in next upcoming days, so, it might solve the problem.
  12. Everything resolved except the large window I have, using the "tab" key to get to the "Log on" button. Thank you for your help.
  13. Tnx a lot Pierre!!! Any idea how to dim the range rings, changed the color, but want to dim them, so that they will be 1% visible i.e almost invisible , but to be there.
  14. Many thanks Sam, had no idea about that. I appreciate it a lot!!! Now no need of getting back the 3.1d version
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