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  1. I luckily didn't have lots of traffic at that time, at the end I just said "taxi to 13, via any taxiway you like, just hold short of all runway and advise". I guess he was a troll, but I couldn't focus on him too much...
  2. Had a plane when I was controlling LGA_GND in NY's "Night in Queens event". I gave him taxiway instructions and he's taxiing all over the place. I wondered if he knew what he was doing: "[Callsign], where are you going?" "Runway 4" "Okay, but the ATIS says 13 is active and I gave you instructions to 13" "Ok, we'll go to 13" "Runway 13, taxi via ..." "Roger". On my ASDE-X I see him on/in the terminal and decided to ask "[Callsign], where are you?" "We're inside the terminal" "Taxiways were made for a reason..." C'mon fellow pilots.. If you don't understand something, please,
  3. About the app, could you possibly make that app more freely available? The links you provided - one doesn't work, the second I don't know norwegian language to register and it really looks awesome
  4. How did you do it? I cant get mmy server to show up. Same problem as you guys, but just need to know how to get it.
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