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  1. Doesn't the first error indicate FSD connection failed, and the second that voice connection failed?
  2. https://chartfox.org/ has charts for much of the world available for free.
  3. You can use Euroscope's own server to do this. You will firstly need to download the licence key (PublicVatsimLicense.lic) from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rsBunTadLEvUpljJk-Jd0jL7Mqe18GFw. Then find "Euroscope FSD Server 1.2" in your start menu. When prompted, select the license file previously downloaded. Now open Euroscope, in the menu where you connect to VATSIM you will need to change two things: 1) Untick the "Connect to VATSIM" box and, 2) Change the server to "localhost". You can now start a Sweatbox session as you would on the VATSIM Sweatbox server but instead it will run
  4. You are right in that you cannot have more than one connection at once. What is probably the easiest option is to find a controller who is offering Hoppie ACARS (you can see who is logged in here:http://www.hoppie.nl/acars/system/log.html). You can PM the controller letting them know that this is your first time using the system - they will be happy to help! Controllers in the UK seem to have started using Hoppie ACARS quite a lot so you may have more luck there.
  5. I'm aware that only one suggestion was asked for but I feel the opportunity is too good to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] up so I'm going to sneak a few more in! Another vote for voice codec improvements. Latency and quality cause problems, especially with busy frequencies and understanding pilots and controllers for whom English is not their first language. I must emphasise that this is a criticism of the codec and NOT members' English skills. More "ownership" of key software programs by VATSIM itself. This includes Swift, Euroscope, VATSpy etc. A more coordinated leadership from the VPs
  6. On the VATSIM Pilot Academy (https://academy.vatsim.net/) the following instructions are given for getting help: However the email address given does not work and any email sent to it is bounced back with the message Perhaps all that needs to be done is for the email address on the Pilot Academy to be updated.
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