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  1. The main VATSIM web server has been down for scheduled maintenance, and VATSpy needs to download a file from it during startup, so it is unable to do so. It will resume working fine once the VATSIM web server is back. Grant
  2. I don't see how this can successfully work. What if for example VATCAN ([Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming that is Canada... dumb Aussie here) or Mexico or Oceanic etc have a different policy that allows it. All of their ATC chatter (position opening and closing) will still show up if your controllers are in range, and there is nothing that can be done about it. Certain CTR controllers will definately be in range of neighboring sectors. My understanding is that catagorically the VATSIM policy does NOT prohibit its use, but simply says it should not be used for PRIVATE chat. VATUSA policy o
  3. Still no go here, either from home on Cable or from work (shh curtesy of the Qld Govt)
  4. Yeah at the moment the menus need Java. There is a text based sitemap link under the left menu.
  5. The problem with to many break instructions would be as had been described by others, and, if the aircraft you gave the first instruction to could not comply, they would have to wait until you had given out and received three more communications before they could tell you so, maybe taking a minute or more factoring in pilot responses, talking over one another etc. Just my $0.02AU worth
  6. Hi Matthew, just a query for you, would you not use that phrase as that is two conflicting statements. Turn right 300, then direct banyo. You would either issue Turn right 300 to intercept planned route, or Turn right direct banyo. By the time he makes his turn to 300 Banyo (suburb in Australia BTW) may be heading 301 for example. Just based on my experience in Oz, so not sure how it is handled in the US?
  7. I think this is something defintely worth looking at. The problem I have is that a lot of new pilots connect and never even look at their local regions website. Most of them have never got past the signup page at Vatsim. Then as a controller we have to walk them through each step of the flight, all because they have not even looked at the basics like preferred flight routes or basic radio procedures. I myself was probably like that when I started flying, though I had some real world experience. But some of this is just a basic curtesy to be able to get more out of their flying. The
  8. I had a funny one the other night controlling sydney tower. ABC123: Twr, we are declaring an emergency. TWR: ABC123, understand declaring an emergency, state your intentions please ABC123: Twr, consider me a p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger who has taken over the controls, I have no idea what I am doing Good things was we got him down ok.
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