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  1. I have a multi-computer full-scale cockpit rig. For the several years now that I have been using vPilot I have been using the "Remote" configuration. That is, I run "Host/No Voice" on the P3D computer and "Remote/With Voice" on a separate computer with a vPilot window display inside the cockpit. All had been working fine with that configuration until recently...... The problem is that my P3D sound output is being muted by vPilot. By "muted" I mean that the sound output is being muted by about 80-90%. All is fine with the sound up to the point where there is a voice communicatio
  2. I have had this issue on-and-off for some time now..... I am connected and all is working fine, then after a period of time (1-15 minutes or so) I suddenly lose incoming voice transmission. In those cases simply pressing PTT reestablishes incoming transmissions immediately. Sometimes there is no issue whatsoever. It appears that this is a router timeout issue of some kind. I am using a networked arrangement....I have "Remote w/Voice" set up on the remote computer and "Host without Voice " on the host computer. I have port 8809 opened in the firewall on both computers, por
  3. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.... It seems of late that I am experiencing more instances of issues with pauses in motion of displayed aircraft.....that is, more instances of aircraft becoming "stuck" or having significant stutter lapses or even not appearing at all. What I am seeing.... at the same time..... is some aircraft moving perfectly smoothly while others are pausing and freezing. This has always occasionally happened, but of late it seems to be much more prevalent. I have not made any other changes with added software or settings other than updating P3Dv3
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