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  1. Hello, Does VATSIM keep some kind of logs of our online flights? If so, how do we access that? My VA's server was down, but I flew a mission online/VATSIM anyway, then when the VA's server came back online I filed a manual PIREP; the VA is asking for my flight log for the flight I did on VATSIM. ??? Thanks
  2. Thx for those [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ists guys! blue skies
  3. Hello, New to vPilot. When I am using vPilot, connected to vatsim, and talking to/hearing from controllers (and pilots), I no longer hear the FSX noises - can't hear cockpit switches, dings, cannot hear the engines nor wind outside, nada. Can't hear nothing from FSX. And it is NOT a case of clicking back onto FSX to hear FSX again - I tried that; in the beginning of a session that works - i can hear FSX after i re-click on FSX from vPilot. But later in the flight, no matter how I click back inside FSX' window, it is soundless. Does anyone know how to set up vPilot such that I can
  4. Ironic. I'm in the exact opposite conundrum: I applied to four VAs and haven't gotten a reply from any of em yet. Not even an auto we-got-ur-application message. Nada. (I know some of you are thinking, he applied to four VAs?! He'll fly only one and be exactly the kind of guy the OP is talking about! Not my intent; all the VAs I applied to have only one or two flight minimums per month.) Even considering the recent holiday weekend in the USA and that peple might be "off-duty" from the VA, it's been at least 72+ hours of regular business week since the end of the holiday; tomorrow would be
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