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  1. Can someone explain if Heathrow procedures have changed recently and I'm not aware off it? Myself and friends were flying out tonight cleared on a WOBUN3F departure off 27R, we pushed from our respective stands. I'd noticed N_TWR had come online then suddenly everyone got switched to 27L for departure. However checking the nightime alternation file, it should still have been 27R single runway ops? I'm confused, is there something new happening?
  2. Hi Leighton, If it has a red cross through it, would usually indicate that there is another Euroscope process running, that process would be where you configure your euroscope voice communications.
  3. Hi Pavel, Thanks for your interest. If you drop me an e-mail at [email protected] we can discuss this. Thanks Matt
  4. The reason we ask is, not all pilots file the correct ICAO Code for the aircraft (through lack of knowledge or laziness) Common examples are B77F (B772 Freighter), B747 (which of the 5 variants of 747 is this?) A320-200 or B787 as I had today on Heathrow.
  5. It sounds like you are complaining how this controller is being treated. I don't control but I imagine they are trying to stress him out. If he can do well witha heavy volume he will breeze through when its normal traffic. Then that needs to be a common standard in all exams. It is not fair in some exams you'll be expected to handle 20+ aircraft and in others you'll be expected to handle 6 and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts].
  6. It's a forum where we can discuss things correct? Why don't you contribute to the discussion instead of taking it as a complaint?
  7. So I'm currently watching a tower exam where the student is handling 20+ aircraft with absolutely no help from beneath him. Yes I understand the need to demonstrate that you can control the aerodrome but what does this prove. The guy hasn't stopped talking for 15 minutes, pilots talking over each other - this is his exam. Are we being stupid with expectations to handle unrealistic traffic loads under exam conditions. One of the examiners has stated that he will not be getting any help and is not allowed a ground online. This is above and behind the amount a real world control woul
  8. Euroscope is based on a real world area control system. This system was designed to use in high level area control and is therefore not very suitable for aerodrome or approach control. vStrips was designed to create a system to use for aerodrome and approach controllers on vatsim. vStrips is loosely based on a real world electronic flight progress strip system which is in use at several major airports both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe and the world. There are several reasons to use some form of data display when controlling. The main one is because it aids controller decision mak
  9. Hi Pavel, Many thanks for your kind words! If you could e-mail me at [email protected] I'd be more than happy to discuss this with you to see if we can reach some form of happy medium.
  10. We have now updated to Version 1.1 Change long as follows Enhancements since V1.0: ⦁ QNH < 1000 hPa now displays as 3 digits. ⦁ Splashscreen is now automatically closed after the initial startup and on opening the Options Form. ⦁ Added user options to cross select flights between vStrips and EuroScope. ⦁ No longer shows the users ATC callsign in the options for the Next Frequency strip field. ⦁ Improved Holding Points diagram for EGLL (Heathrow). Bug fixes: ⦁ Manually set SVFR state now not overwritten by EuroScope VFR state. ⦁ Options Form limited to a single insta
  11. Hi David, IRT Q1 - vStrips is modelled of the UK system in use at many UK Aerodromes (e.g. EGCC/LL/KK/SS/PH) to name a few, the UK system was designed by... NavCanada!! IRT Q2 - It's all a magical to me how this bit works... but the data one controller transmits is being sent to all others regardless of whether they can see the strip or not.
  12. We are pleased to announce the release of vStrips, a revolutionary new Electronic Flight Progress Strip system for the VATSIM network. Euroscope includes a rudimentary electronic flight progress strip system in the form of lists, however vStrips revolutionises this basic system and provides a system that is used in many real world aerodromes. This is based on the legacy “paper strip” system. Currently, it is not intended to provide support for Air Traffic Control positions above aerodrome level (AIR). vStrips is very simple to setup as it only requires a plug in to be loaded into Euroscop
  13. From the quick test I gave it today it seemed to work, will give it a proper go next time. Thanks
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