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  1. Hi, When I am installing vATIS the following error appears and stops the installation: Internal Error: Expression Error 'Runtime error (at 21:148): could not call proc.' I already tried installing all the Microsoft Visual CC++ Redistributable and the corresponding updates but still it dosen't work. I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi Jonas, Thank you for your answer!! Really showed me the solution. Have a nice weekend!! Regards,
  3. Hi, I downloaded the new ES 3.2 to my Windows 8.1 computer, once installed I tried to load a sector file but in the moment I open the file browser to look for it this error pops up and ES crashes into desktop. I tried re-installing it several times and yet I get the same problem. I am getting this error: The instruction at 0x75e4d2c6 referenced memory at 0x6b0c79a8. The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program. I will appreciate any possible solutions. Regards,
  4. No, I was using an example from that moment... Ok, I will try to find some textures in order to activate them in the client. Well thanks Ross for the information, nice weekend!! Regards,
  5. Thanks Ross for the quick reply, do you now if I can set V Pilot so it can detect textures I don't have installed like you said, and if I cant , where can I download a pack for textures, if there is one? Regards,
  6. Hi, When I am flying with V PILOT and when some traffics connect around, an error pops up saying this: "SimConnect Error: Failed to create aircraft SWA3 using model "WoA_FAIB_FSX_B737-700_W_SWA-Southwest Airlines Maryland One". This usually means that the model is not actually installed in your simulator. The aircraft will be created with a different model.". I will appreciate a solution. Kind Regards,
  7. Me parece exelente idea, ademas podria aumentar la cantidad de trafico en la division. Saludos.
  8. Felicitaciones David, se que sacaras el projecto adelante. Suerte!!
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