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  1. And did your employer not check your educational certificates/driving license when you took the job? yup they did ( there is a law for that.. me as trcuk driver i must prove my licenses to employer and they to ask me for the licenses ) but is something else when u are there and u show them and they will give u back but here i don't have any prove that my ID or p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] copy will be safe that's the difference.... nwm i have said what i had to say i don't wanna argue anymore or argue with u guy is your network u do what u want...
  2. If you cannot co-operate with the staff member who is trying to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist you, you're not going to be using the network! Simple as. I guess today will be the day you and your brother stop using VATSIM at the same time, or will be when you lose your stubbornness. Alternatively, why don't you and your brother try shared cockpit? You might find it more fun, and more realistic, which was Andreas said above, is what we strive for here. i can't play shared cockpit cos 90% of my time i spend it on my truck delivering cargo from Airport to Shipyard and vice versa and when i a
  3. that will not happends..... on the other network we can play together without any problem only here !!!!!! nwm i will not give a copy of ID or p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] .....
  4. heya first my brother get his account suspended cos we play from the same IP we live in the same house ..... and the support asked for a copy of ID, p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] , drive licences what the hell is with this ???? we play also WoW and not even blizzard asked us for a ID copy to play on they network ......this is also not legal ....
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