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  1. FSrealWX is a pretty good freeware alternative.
  2. If planning to fly in an unfamiliar area in the near future you can connect at a gate (or stand ) taking care to stay out of the way, and tune the comms and spend some time listening to how the locals do it. It won't answer all questions regarding procedures but will definitely help.
  3. Flightradar24.com works well and they also have convenient phone apps. https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=77602
  4. Glad your OS upgrade went well. When you get around to installing Swift, please let us know how it works with FS9.
  5. 9C/27C at KORD (11,245 x 200) is scheduled to open late in 2020 after which the constant configuration changes may (?) slow down somewhat.
  6. I also do not use X-Plane but googling x-plane slew shows some options that may work.
  7. This is how I have it set up. There are probably other ways but this seems to work. In the Addon Scenery folder, there is a subfolder for each add-on airport. Within the airport subfolder there is a Scenery folder that contains the bgl files. There may or may not also be a Texture folder, depending on the files that were supplied with the scenery. So, for KORD, the path is Addon Scenery\KORD\Scenery and the bgl files are in the Scenery subfolder. When you start FS9, the subfolder should now appear in the add-on scenery library list, and you need to tick the KORD area to activate it. Res
  8. Good information at the link below. Note particularly the tabs at left. https://www.vatsim.net/pilots
  9. Also a tool like VAT-Spy or QuteScoop will help you be aware of these inbounds before they are on top of you.
  10. I have no experience with Xplane but in FS9/FSX I think the autopilot settings can be adjusted so you aren't suddenly diving at 5000 ft/min (setting may be in aircraft.cfg file).
  11. See below for contact info. Not sure if this is still current. Integrated Simavionics - Contact Us
  12. Where did you originally purchase ASE? I got it on SimMarket and the download is available after logging in to the site. If you got it directly from HiFi, you can email them or check the support forum and they can probably help out. I used it yesterday and everything (including the weather server) seemed to be working normally.
  13. Oops, my apologies if I incorrectly [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed this was happening at the end of the flight. My bad, Trent.
  14. I don't shut down VAT-Spy until I've disconnected and my aircraft no longer appears.
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