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  1. I reported the issue to HiFi support & they provided me with test build 7728 to resolve the issue. "vatsim injection" is now displaying again in the flight plan metars.
  2. I am running Active Sky XP version 7618. "vatsim injection" has recently stopped showing in the flight plan metars. I have the vatsim option ticked & have a flight plan entered in Active Sky XP. Can someone with Active Sky XP please test if it is working.
  3. Hi Justin, Thanks very much for adding support for remote visual pc's, its awesome. I have five screens setup as follows left to right: 1 (visual_1) - 2 (visual_1) - 3 (master) - 4(visual_2) - 5 (visual_2) The aircraft are drawn perfectly on all five screens. However the aircraft labels only show on screen 1, 3 & 5. I guess I am a bit unusual running two screens on each of my remote visual pc's. Regards, Duncan
  4. VATNZ gets the information from the source mentioned above by Andreas Fuchs which is not available to the general public. VATNZ sends it to VATSIM.
  5. Hello, Are there any plans for xpilot to draw the vatsim aircraft on external visual networked pc's ? Regards, Duncan
  6. I am interested if anyone else is experiencing the same issue as me. XSB v1.3.3 + AFV client - works 100% fine. XSB 2.0 beta 2 - After approximately 1 hour start hearing sounds similar to a stuck record player every time someone talks. Fixed by disconnecting from XSB & reconnecting. XSB 2.0 beta 3 - After approximately 1 hour start hearing sounds similar to a stuck record player every time someone talks. X-Plane eventually abends. Disconnecting causes immediate abend. Changing to another frequency & back again does not solve. All abends have been reported to Chr
  7. Can this be unpinned as it seems not to be relevant anymore ?
  8. Windows 10 - 1909 My headset microphone was missing from the input device drop down list. I solved this by clicking on "Sound Input Device properties", then "Additional device properties", then "advanced tab" & changing "1 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)" to "1 channel 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)". There was a message in "log.txt" about the sampling rate being too low for my microphone. ie < 48000 Hz. Anyway doing the above fixed the problem.
  9. 3.5.2 Audio for VATSIM Update (ZF) ZF has met with Chris Collins who is committed to integrating AFV into XSquawkbox ahead of the AFV launch. https://www.vatsim.net/meeting-minutes/bog/2019-q2
  10. This is what I plan to do. Screens 1,2,3,4,5 from left to right. Computer One (X-Plane Master) (screen 3) Install Swift Core (Audio on core side). Install XSwiftBus Computer Two (X-Plane Visuals) (screen 1 & 2) Install Swift Gui (more convenient for the gui to be here) Install XSwiftBus Computer Three (X-Plane Visuals) (screen 4 & 5) Install XSwiftBus My only concern is will the AI aircraft be drawn on all 5 screens. If not I will stick with XSquawkbox which can do this.
  11. Hi, I currently use XSquawkbox to connect to VATSIM. It has an enable proxy feature which allows my two visual x-plane pc's to connect to the master x-plane pc XSquawkbox. All this means I can see VATSIM aircraft on all five of my external visual displays. Can I do something similar with Swift or will I be restricted to only seeing aircraft on screens connected to my master x-plane machine ? Cheers, Duncan
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