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  1. Join vRAM Royal Air Maroc Virtual is RAM's official virtual airline that provides national and international air transport services for passengers and cargo transportation inside and outside of Morocco. We serve more than 90 destinations on 4 continents and more than 1500 Weekly flights. With our vAMSYS flight management system, we offer best in class services for all our pilots. Our home base is Casablanca GMMN and we fly virtually on VATSIM & IVAO as well as on all other major flight simulation networks. We are a team of 10 highly dedicated and passionate people about avia
  2. Join us for our memorial flight in honour of Lahcen El Harda (VATSIM Member and real pilot) passed away 05 Dec 2017. Flight organized by Royal Air Maroc Virtual Time : 15z-19z Departure : GMAD Arrival : GMFF Route : OLOMA G850 MAK UH400 AGOVA UM372 FES Scenery: -- GMAD -- p3d: https://secure.simmarket.com/fsdg-agadir-fsx-p3d.phtml xp11: https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-agadir-xp-x-plane-11.phtml -- GMFF -- p3d: Available on the download center (by Mehdi Tabanni) xp11: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/60897-gmff-fes-saiss-international-airp
  3. Dear Daniel, following a TCAS RA is not a mistake, whether in VATISM or in real life, but it is a procedure and a safety practice. According to PANS-OPS Doc 8168, Volume I, Part III, Section 3, Chapter 3, 3.2 c) 4)). Read the document in this link Yours,
  4. Hi all, I am using ES and AFV, i would like to know how to see who is in my frequency. I was looking in the forum but i did not find anything. Yours,
  5. Read my 2nd paragraph, ....but at least check ... 🙂 Yours,
  6. Hi there, You can always use your FPL type Y,Z if the airport is not IFR certified you can start VFR then later switch to IFR. Yours,
  7. Hi there, my 2 cents, - Keep it simple, in real life, when flying under controlled airspace very easy, you will get the frequency from the ATC. - When it comes to uncontrolled airspace and later on, approaching controlled airspace, do really we wait someone to hit or push or knock our plane ? Does not work like that, when you have a licence you are always afraid of having an incident or revoke or whatever, this lead you always prepare your frequencies knowing that you will enter a controlled airspace, i do understand that here it is not the same because some of pilots are new around...etc,
  8. As far as you can land your plane safely & respecting CoC, feel free to drink much as you wish of beers
  9. Mebrouk dear Mohammed, all the best for you.
  10. According to ICAO DOC PAS ATM 4444 . a) RUNWAY (number) CLEARED FOR TAKE-OFF [REPORT AIRBORNE]; But yeah any deviation from ICAO should be published in AIP.
  11. VATSIM is where the coolest controllers lives, just say your intentions. Enjoy the Network 🙂 Yours,
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