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  1. First you can sit and listen to real pilots/controllers by selecting an airport and position at https://www.liveatc.net/ Then, you can start up your sim, connect, and sit at an active airport on a GA Ramp (so that you have less chance of interfering with vatsim traffic) and tune to and listen to any of the online controllers. You can even talk to them, if they have time, and help you out. I know I would. Welcome Mark
  2. You will also run across an occasion where a center or other controller will cover for another controller and be taking on two or three frequencies at once, although it is a rare instance.
  3. And remember, not only can controllers Wallop pilots, but pilots can Wallop controllers that are abusing the privilege of the network.
  4. Thank Ross, I did get it working. Now, is there a dot command or other way to reload the aircraft info database on the fly without having to stop and restart VRC? Thanks Mark
  5. I recently made a suggestion to our TA that a link be placed on our ARTCC website for a pilot to request ATC services at a specific time/date. The link would send a short email to all active controllers that there would be traffic in the ARTCC. It would then be up to the individual if he could supply any level of ATC at that time. Its always best for the training department to train with actual traffic, and an active ARTCC draws more traffic. End result, if successful, would be a more active, more popular ARTCC to fly in, and more traffic for controllers. Or it might not draw enough use to
  6. My take is this... Vatsim network is one big sand box for both controllers and pilots. Controllers need pilots to play the game. Pilots don't need controllers. By disconnecting immediately after receiving a contact request the pilot is saying "I don't want to play with you..." Hey, we want to play too!
  7. Ross, is it possible to add an unknown type aircraft in the file? I have attempted it but have been unsuccessful. Mark
  8. Yeah, I did try that, finally, but not sure I got the right format. It seems that as long as the command does not change you can have multiple commands on the line, i.e. This works... .star-1 .star-1-1 .star-1-2 .star-1-3 <- all diagrams. Each is an alis to a .fd command .star-1-fixes .star-2-1-fixes .star-2-2-fixes <- all fixes. Each is an alias to a .ff command But this will not... .star-1 .star-1-route .star-1-fixes <- star route and star fixes. star-1-route is a .fd command and .star-1-fixes is a .ff command. Unless anyone has actually s
  9. I have created a number of Stars/Sids in the Sector file, and a dot command for each to display. Also created a dot command to display them, byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing the clicking of menus. Works good. Then I have a similar dot command for each Star/Sid to display the fixes. Imagine this: Sector file... [sTAR] Star-1 AAA AAA BBB BBB BBB BBB CCC CCC And the Alias file.... .Star1-route .fd Star-1 .Star1-fixes .ff AAA BBB CCC DDD That works good also, but is there a way to have the ali
  10. How about adding a 'category' of Private Messages to the controller list that would show the tabs?
  11. Ahh, it's making more sense now ... there is a loud beep when a private message comes in. Why don't you have audio? It's a long story but I fly text only, without the benefit of audio.
  12. Why does it work great for text comms but not for private messages? They both stay on screen the same amount of time. Because regular comms are not necessarily critical communications. The occasional traffic report on 122.8 is good to see but not critical if you miss it. If you are on an approach you are not looking away from the screen for more than a moment. It's great, especially because I have no audio and have no alert that a message is received. But on a long trip you are not looking at the screen all the time. A random message from a sup making sure you are there is easily miss
  13. Could it be starting off-screen? If you think it might be then try press and holding the Windows key then the right arrow key a few times to move it on-screen. Unlikely but if you have ever used multiple screens then there is a chance...
  14. That would work as long as the popup up window would pop up at a location where it was last closed. I have FSX in a window occupying the right 90% of the screen with vPilot showing in that 10% space but mostly behind FSX. As long as the pop up can be seen in that 10% space on the left it would work just fine. Like, once the pop up first appeared and was closed, it would next pop up at the location it was last closed. The reason for the text in FSX not working for this purpose is that it stays on the screen for only a few moments. When you receive a private message and you are not looking a
  15. I know that, but I do not want vPilot to obscure FSX. If vPilot would just pop up a modal window for a private message it would pop up on top of FSX and alert us of messages. Just wishful thinking...
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