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  1. I was indeed going to answer that sooner if I were not to board a plane I did mean last before proposing, and moreover do appreciate and condone the existence of a reviewing and approval process.
  2. Hello, Coming across this thread while looking up the network protocol, I must say I felt some warmth in my veins reading. First because I now fully understand that my unwillingness to tie myself to NDAs and my wish to contribute to the sim world with free software only, are shared feelings. Moreover, I realised for once that the discussion does not date back years but rather shows an actual, present and public debate. So thank you. I am the author of ATC-pie, a recent ATC client which has already approached VATSIM in a few ways, and incidentally been used by several VATSIM ATCs too, incl
  3. Thank you Dace, nice work you shared there! It is almost upsetting to see how otherwise few airports have a ground net available. Are you the author of this one? If so, I opened it myself and noticed that the TWY turn-offs and RWY intersecting edges were all unlabelled, e.g. E1, E2, E3... are all interrupted on either side of 36R. The result in ATC-pie is that they are considered apron edges, which generates funny "cross on apron" instructions so you might want to tag those too.
  4. Yes, it found it, and you probably missed the "Img" menu under the radar screens from which you can toggle each file on and off, KSFO example included. At this point you understand the point of rearranging your files and drawing sections in such a way that they toggle together or separately as you desire. After script run, sector objects are grouped by type as specified in the sector file. Also, if you are interested, I have just enhanced the script to extract ARTCC boundaries as well. If you PM me an email address or something, I can send it to you. EDIT: version r10h is now out, and con
  5. Re. the warnings in your picture: I have added a few entries to the list of customisable colours, so they are now missing in your setup since your upgrade. To get rid of the warnings, you can add the missing entries to the settings/colours.ini file following the contained format, or more simply, if you have not been customising any colours: delete it---a new one will be generated with the defaults on next run. ATC-pie does not support those files directly, since the data is not free and not packaged, and is redundant with a lot of what is already provided. However, the now packaged "sect
  6. Woops, sorry. I maintain four branches on two repo's, and yours (sourceforge/master) was the only one I had forgotten. Pushed now, with my apologies. The tarball is otherwise up to date as well for those not using Git.
  7. And sorry I forgot: if you have a text file defining lines to draw from Earth coords (which I think a sector file basically is), the best way is probably to use "DRAW" files instead of pixmap images The new r10g provides a script to import the GEO stuff contained in VATSIM-type sector files (.sct), which you might want to try. It does all the tedious coordinate translation work for you, however the result obviously needs some redacting, object selecting, etc. afterwards.
  8. After checking with a few users, I realised that that was in fact enough info, and that many other people must have been playing with bad looking strips. So I redesigned the strip display system, and you should be able to enjoy new fresh-looking strips with version r10g just released. Thank you for sending your screenshot!
  9. You do not seem to have the instruction panel open! Go to the View menu, click on "instructions" to make it visible and arrange/float/dock it where you want. The instructions you are after are under the "approach" tab. You must have missed the following in the user guide: all other instructions (line up and wait, clear to land, etc.) must be sent from the dockable instruction panel At this time those preset messages do not generate instructions for solo games. They are entirely customisable and rather meant for comm's in multi-player sessions. Though I grant you that instructions al
  10. We will need a little more info to help you out... [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming that by "ILS box ticked" you mean you have ticked "this runway has ILS" in the runway parameters (options > airport settings). What happens when you click on the "cleared ILS/visual approach" instruction button? It should only be one of two things. Either: the aircraft properly reads back the clearance (check at the bottom of the text chat pane), in which case you are fine and the aircraft should intercept the LOC and the GS whenever able---bring it like you should at reasonable height within a ~30° angle to
  11. Hi, thanks for trying it out! I appreciate it. Quick remark first since this is not exactly about VATSIM: there is an ATC-pie support forum already hosted under FlightGear. You may want to take the pure troubleshooting stuff there, if only to find the help at all. I do not know whether it is good practice on my part or directing you to where you would rather not go (?), but I just wanted to point it out. Secondly before answering your questions below, it looks more like you have tried solo sessions than the tutoring mode (my original topic), but it is the good first step because the wa
  12. Hello, ATC-pie is packaged with the latest X-plane data cycle and was designed to rely on no external resource (except for the FlightGear scenery if you choose to render the tower view internally). Therefore no further data file is required for it to work, and most of the airports in the world are depicted fine, together with all surrounding navaids and fixes. The only exception is ground taxi/apron route networks which are still of very bad (yet growing) quality and only reasonably usable at certain locations. In any case, missing or bogus data can always be adjusted in separate custom fi
  13. Hello, Just an info note of interest to those tutoring or training for air traffic control: the ATC-pie tower and radar simulator I put out now has a student-teacher connection mode allowing teachers to create situations and manipulate traffic in real-time for a connected student to work with. The teacher can spawn, move, fly, land... aircraft, change the wind and neighbouring ATC environment, send/receive strips, and snapshot situations to recall for the student to work again. It is not meant to replace or interfere with any of the VATSIM rating process, but it may be used on the side
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