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  1. thank you for your great work what is the traffic proxy
  2. I just found out the reason of the problem ptt dosent work when the vpilot window not active
  3. when I read back some times they hear me and other times they cant and they told me to respond to them I had to complete the flight by text
  4. I was testing vpilot and the controlers dosent hear me most of the time and my mic is configured and the 3290 port is opened
  5. vpilot dosent send the aircraft model information to the network until the pilot file the flight plan that's why most air traffic appears white and default model for vpilot please take that into consideration in the next update
  6. the software doesn't send your aircraft data to the network before you send a flight plan that's causes the planes to show as adefault model a321 please take this into consideration
  7. do we have a release date please end our suffering with fsinn
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