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  1. Thanks Daniel. I thought this might be the case but wasn't sure if there were any other places on the web these flights could be located in order to represent the chosen flight accurately. For now I will continue using the BAxxxx from the BA website and Vroute as the source for my callsigns. Cheers, Al
  2. Thanks Bill. For North American flights, I use Flightaware.com, and/or the StarAlliance electronic route timetable (for Air Canada). With these two sources I can get actual routes, altitudes, time of departure, aircraft type and callsign. It seems this kind of info is hard to come by in the UK. Then please, sir, enlighten me; what is the best source of callsigns for British Airways? (this was the basis for my original question!) Al
  3. Thanks Luke and Craig, this is making more sense now. How is the callsign for, say, SHT2M decided? The BA site lists flights only as BAxxxx, even if they are from or to Heathrow/Gatwick. Vroute lists them only as 'speedbird'xxxx flights as well. Where are Vatsim pilots getting the info for these callsigns? Al
  4. Greetings fellow pilots, Is the SHT (shuttle) ICAO designator used for domestic flights and BAW (speedbird) for international flights? I saw BA2959 on the BA website (EGPF-EGKK) and it is sometimes flown online as SHT2959 and not BAW2959. How does one decide if it's a shuttle flight or a speedbird flight? Cheers, Al
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