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  1. Pilot briefing explaining the procedures at the new airport: http://img.fir-berlin.de/Pilot Briefing EDDB.pdf We're hoping to welcome a lot of you later today!
  2. Dear VATSIM- community, after only 14 years of construction, the BER, Berlin's new major airport, is now being opened almost on schedule and only slightly over budget. 😉 This also brings major changes for VATSIM Germany. Controller training has already taken place for the BER, and as of today (29.10.), 41 controllers have already been cleared to occupy this new major airport. If you are only a pilot on VATSIM, we can announce that there will be a pilot briefing on time for the BER inauguration event on November 7th, explaining the most important procedures on the ground and in the
  3. Hello Andre, I don't know what happened to that link, you can also get the banner here:
  4. This is today! Frankfurt and Berlin- Tempelhof are ready for some traffic.
  5. If you want to test your aircraft model and / or your scenery- this evening there'll be staffing of EDDF and EDDI. We will open one of the corridors (EDDF --> EDDI) for you to fly. There will also be a briefing talk on our German TS 3 server- visit ts3.vatsim-germay.org - we will start at 17z. See you later! - obsolete now -
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