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  1. It's been a while since VATSIM Germany has made the triple and even longer for their stations to have reached (basically) 100% uptime. Congratulations to the Bremen regional group for that huge effort- well deserved win!
  2. Hello Andre, I don't know what happened to that link, you can also get the banner here:
  3. This is today! Frankfurt and Berlin- Tempelhof are ready for some traffic.
  4. If you want to test your aircraft model and / or your scenery- this evening there'll be staffing of EDDF and EDDI. We will open one of the corridors (EDDF --> EDDI) for you to fly. There will also be a briefing talk on our German TS 3 server- visit ts3.vatsim-germay.org - we will start at 17z. See you later! - obsolete now -
  5. Nice clean sweep there, congratulations to Bremen!
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