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  1. Just wanted to address that it is closed again for some reasons. Attached link is the AIC about its closure to the public. This does not mean that you can exchange AIPs for China eAIP, if you are not a member of aeronautical information publication authority. http://forum.vatprc.net/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=8045
  2. Thanks for the news and congrats. Golden Mic is proudly presented on PRC's award page! Looking forward to more Golden Mics!
  3. Sorry for creating some unpleasant moments because of this post. I did try to let vATIS to read metric, but all my effort is useless. Instead of using vATIS, PRC division members started to use alternative ways of creating ATIS - like using the Euroscope generated one. Thanks for everyone's help, and case closed.
  4. And at least somebody outside of USA like vATIS and try to use this awesome stuff
  5. It just doesn't read metric visibility, any way to fix it?
  6. Both links to VATPRC's website do not work. Do you really the ATIS or the information box from each individual controllers? Last but not least, did you use Google's translation tool? =) Okay, That ATIS of the controller means Controller info, not Airport ATIS. NOTAM in ATIS is the NOTAM in the ATIS of the airport. Link fixed
  7. For CAAC issued Aeronautical Information Package (includes charts and other air traffic service info) please go to China EAIP: http://www.eaipchina.cn For Chinese RVSM (In metric System), please read: http://www.vatprc.net/index.php/en/en-chinese-rvsm VFR in China is not fully developed, but VATPRC does have some rules for VFR. Please check the following link: http://www.vatprc.net/index.php/en/en-vfr-policy Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD), one of the most popular Chinese Airports for VATSIM Pilots. The coordination of Pudong Airport in FSX is inaccurate, also the Pudong scenery of Im
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