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  1. Hello, This is long overdue, I thought I had posted it but I must've forgotten. Mark Walsh has submitted his resignation for the VATCAN Deputy Director position as is customary with a new incoming Division Director. Please join me in thanking Mark for his service to the division and wishing him blue skies in both VATCAN and his role with Canadian Xpress.
  2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll work with our web team to have this resolved ASAP.
  3. With Nate Power moving on to Oceanic, I am pleased to announce Aidan Stevens has taken on the role of Acting Communications and Events Director. I will be posting the permanent job in the coming weeks. Welcome Aidan!
  4. Nate Power has recently worked with the VATCAN Executive as Communications and Events Director and is an I1 rated controller in the Winnipeg FIR. Please join me in welcoming Nate as our new Oceanic Director. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Josh Glottmann for his service in re-establishing Gander Oceanic. I wish we could've had the opportunity to work together more.
  5. Thank You. I am looking forward to this new challenge and working with our staff members to create a great VATCAN experience for all.
  6. Hello all, Effective May 23, 2016, I am resigning my position as Communications & Events Director of VATCAN. With High School graduation approaching quickly, a full time job this summer and college right around the corner, I no longer have the time to complete the necessary duties of the position. I'd like to thank Matthew Cianfarani, Mark Walsh and Rob Nabieszko for being excellent executive team members during my tenure, Moncton FIR Chief, Greg McCormick for being very supportive on my appointment and to all the wonderful FIR staff who I had the opportunity to work with. VATCAN w
  7. VATCAN (VATSIM Canada Division) is currently looking for a webmaster for a few projects. We want to throw our old outdated systems out and start again. So here's what we're looking to upgrade. • Complete recreation of a new Website. This is a unique opportunity as our website interacts with the VATSIM Systems. Successful Applicants would have a very interesting experience. • Upgrade our Forums. Shouldn't be to hard. We are throwing the old one out and starting a new forum. Please email me [email protected] if you're willing to offer your help! Thanks
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