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  1. I can help with number 1: you just enter to get a text field where you can communicate with all. If thats not what you meant then my apologies.
  2. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you have used voice before?. Have you tried to calibrate you mic.?.
  3. Maybe GND isn't on voice but only TXT, have been checked that?.
  4. Sorry for a late response. Because people have answers about how to connect to a server, how to see other planes, which server to connect to etc.
  5. I have read so many people having issues with Xsquawk so why not make an Xsquwkbox forum, like we have SB3 and FSINN forums.
  6. Today i'm going to have the stiches removed so i hope tonight. Sorry about last night but i had an aweful pain due to the sthiches that was put there cause i bleed alot after the teeths was pulled out. I am good to go tonigh at 18Z
  7. can we do it tomorrow?. I have been to the dentist and had 2 teeths pulled out and stiches.
  8. How come that everytime i start up the 737 the fuel pumps light up?, also the center tank don't hold any fuel so i can't xfeed.
  9. For altitude you would file 3000 FT. For FL you would file 320. That's how i do it.
  10. I would love to upload screenshots but neither Photobucket nor Flickr seems to upload nada. Anyway the only three plugins it loads are "Xsquawkbox", "Clear Skies" and the "73X" plugin. I would really like to have more plugins loaded.
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