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  1. I havent been able to get in on BAVirtual for quite a while. Page doesnt respond. Can anyone with knowledge please enlighten me whats going on?
  2. Kyle you keep saying that if we want intercepts we can join VSOAs. That is my whole sole point in this discussion. I have never said anything else. What I have said is that even then, we can not intercept ANY pilots other than the ones in our own VSOA. What I want to see is a situation where, a VSOA pilot goes up in a F-16 and is allowed to intercept another pilot that has agreed to be intercepted. So, I think you are kinda talking against yourself. No offcence. But you mentioned that you wanted this topic to be more on how to get a VSOA in Scandinavia. Did you read my PM and
  3. Kyle, now I may have misunderstood what the others in this discussion ment to say, but I think we all are trying to say that as long as you are a pilot in a VATSIM VSOA you may ask another pilot that is not in the same VSOA if its ok for him that you intercept him. I dont think they are trying to say that they want it to be so that any pilot on VATSIM can do an intercept. The thing of it is, if a pilot is member of a VSOA he should know better than to do an intercept on someone that does not want it. Situation: (In this example I will use Virtual Norwegian Airforce and Virtual Russ
  4. Ernesto, I said that the reason that Im thinking about starting VNoAF up and running is because I was kicked from Virtual NATO. Eitherway, I have alot of toughts about VNoAF but I have to run them by the leader first. Initially my toughts are: - Get rid of the seperate bases, and instead create Squadrons to make it easier for pilots - Better training system, docomeents and easier access to those - More realistic Missions - Complete renewal of the Leaders of Squadrons/bases - Create a OPFOR Squadron that will be able to operate OPFOR Aircrafts from Murmansk (As Kyle said, Intercepts
  5. Kyle, if you mean me when you say "Per" then the answer is yes. We got Virtual Norwegian Air Force, but it has been pretty much closed because we for some reason lost our VSOA rating. As far as I can remember the VNoAF was VSOA some time ago, but then we lost it. Unfourntanley we do not have the time to put together the required docomeents and resources for VSOA, but I may think about getting it up, as I want to get VNoAF up and running. The reason is that I have been kicked out from Virtual NATO apperantley because of Complaints. My best guess is that they kicked me out because I wrote too mu
  6. This will be corrected ASAP. It was my understanding of the rules, apperantly I was wrong. Will be fixed.
  7. Is it possible for you guys behind Servinfo to remove ENTR_CTR as it now is a disused sector, and part of ENBD_CTR? Everytime someone connect as ENBD_S_CTR (Which is the old ENTR sector) it shows them as just ENBD_CTR covering the ENBD_CTR sector, and not the ENTR_CTR. I think the best way to do this is to remove ENTR_CTR and extend the ENBD_CTR to cover the old ENTR_CTR aswell. Also there are some errors in regards to Airport Ownership. According to Servinfo, ENBO and some other airports in Northern Norway belong to ENOB_CTR which is not correct, they belong to ENBD_CTR as ENOB is
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