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  1. Thanks and I did have fun! I even encountered an engine failure and was able to fix it. That was pretty damn important, thanks for that! You couldn't be wrong, the amount of times I was instructed to DCT, climb/descend and hold is a lot. The FMC is quite a powerful weapon. Thanks for the tips 🙂 See you next year fellas
  2. Hello fellow good people of VATSIM, I'm a regular user of VATSIM, but participating in Cross The Land event is first timer. I was wondering, if there are some tips and tricks, advice, do's and don'ts... Thanks
  3. First of all, your new forum is very clean, slick and modern. Kudos for that! I don't know why but every google search that links to vatsim forum gives me a 404 error. I've tested on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, my phone using 4G and using home wifi, but still nothing seem to work. Are you still migrating the data?
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