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  1. Indeed EKDK was online 100%. All controller changes had the next controller log in with a different callsign so there was an overlap. So it should be 168h. I'm pretty sure WIIF was online 100% as well. Must be a technical issue somewhere in the counting that means it is impossible to actually score 100% Bit of a shame they only declare a tie if two units are identical down to the second, when it seems the counting system cannot deliver that amount of accuracy
  2. If you're referring to the ICAO identifier DFL, it is for a real airlines (callsign MEDIFLIGHT). So if I have a flight with callsign DFL, I will naturally call it Mediflight.
  3. According to the rules: How close do two units have to be to both be declared winners? Do they have to be identical down to the second? It would seem reasonable to conside multiple winners if other units were within, say, 5 minutes of the winner.
  4. Allan There are outdated links on your list. My replies are being ignored for some reason, but could I once again suggest that you look at https://www.eurocontrol.int/articles/ais-online ? It is exactly what you are trying to do - an updated worldwide list of AIPs - the difference being that it it maintained by an official aviation authority.
  5. Kerry, See the link I posted above: https://www.eurocontrol.int/articles/ais-online
  6. Hi everyone This is probably all you need: https://www.eurocontrol.int/articles/ais-online
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