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  1. i posted this to another 'newbie', as a newbie before... i know you're using MSFS2020 not XP11, however i'm not sure of the capabilities of the FMC's on the default aircraft. i surmise that they'll let you fly certain SIDS/stars and also let you edit the routing, for Direct routing given by ATC, however take a read, it may help you in some way!
  2. Thanks Andy, as per below i've now found FLAi, but thanks for your input! It's P3D, since posting i stumbled upon FLAi, Just 2 days to endure downloading at 46kb/s 😁 Thanks for the help guys!
  3. So you're trying to listen to Gatwick ground, Possibly a stupid question - but are you within range of the controller, on the ground at Gatwick for example? Edit: have you also tried any other frequencies/tried to obtain an ATIS? just to check it's not just that controller?
  4. Hello Patrik from one newbie to another! I totally understand your concerns, i was concerned too my first flight, which was only this week... 7 years after creating my account. My biggest advice as its so fresh in my memory.. pick an aircraft which you know like the back of your hand. you know where each switch is and what it does.The Zibo Mod for example is as complex or as easy as you wish for it to be. There are some excellent guides out there on how to effectively control it, if you're not experienced already, however the FMC within the mod is simple to program and use so
  5. Hello All, After registering for Vatsim on 26/11/2013(yes, 6 years 364 days ago at time of writing) I've finally logged my first 10 hours after plucking up the courage to jump in at the deep end, I must say, its not as bad as it appears and generally controllers are great even when you make a mistake. So if you're a newbie thats found this post from one of the major search engines.. Just do it! Jump in!(after reading some tutorials!) Anyway, back on topic... I've noticed A LOT of the models of other aircraft display as the default, not the easy ones such as EZY/RYR etc i think
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