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  1. If the TDM display is a toggle-able window like the text window, it could have its own set of bookmarks. If it is just a filter mode that occurs on the ERAM/STARS display, then maybe controllers could have two sets of bookmarks: the primary CTRL+#, then a secondary CTRL+A+# (or any letter) in order to add more options for zooming in on airports. Maybe make it a checkbox in the facility settings?
  2. Yeah, exactly. I use TDM to quicklook, then use a bookmark to get to the airport. If the generic display could filter aircraft not on the ground, I think that would be helpful. Then I could toggle the display open/closed similar to the text comms. Maybe to make things easier you could add two sets of bookmarks too?
  3. I think this doesn’t fully help with the problem still. I use the CTRL+T shortcut to do a quick scan of aircraft on the ground at my airports. If I had to cycle through all the airports with different bookmarks, or if all my datatags got funky, that could be challenging. Here are two ideas I thought of: Ground Information mini-menu Have a very small “ground information” window that lists all aircraft on the ground at airports in a selected group. First column is callsign, second is airport, third is a “D”/“A”/“?” to indicate their departure/arrival status. List is sorted by ai
  4. I feel like if this client is possibly slated to replace vERAM/vSTARS and VRC down the road (which it may or may not be), there should probably be some support for a single-display top-down mode that allows for some aspects of realism. I have worked top-down on a small laptop screen using vERAM. It's fine and totally doable, but if I had to have a separate screen taking up some of my vERAM display to work ground at every airport, I think it would be chaotic. I don't know what a good solution is for this but including TDM probably helps. At least in ZOA, there are some controllers who p
  5. After re-reading this, I think that this is probably too much of a fringe case. I'm thinking of a large TRACON scenario where one controller is only working a certain area and the top-down enroute controller is handling other areas in the TRACON. Probably not worth the complexity to implement.
  6. Would there be some option to enable it? I believe it would be very difficult to run a top-down session on an ERAM display on a single-monitor while having to 1) take up space with an ASDE-X display 2) be constantly switching between airports. Would you be able to add an "external host URL" field or something similar for any member that wants to download custom files? Additionally, would the facility engineering client be made a bit more user friend? The current map editors for vSTARS and vERAM are clunky and it's very hard to make changes to things at times. I know users have created
  7. Unrelated to the discussion directly but probably noteworthy. If you assign a voice tag to an aircraft with no flightplan (QB V CALLSIGN), you can SR their callsign and then modify the flight plan as needed/assign an actual beacon code. Kind of a cheat instead of making a new flightplan the real-world way.
  8. Reviving a topic from the dead has a certain spiritual vibe to it.
  9. I've experienced this on the ATC side as well. Don't know how to reproduce it as it happens randomly.
  10. Dana, has this ever worked? To my knowledge, I don't think simulators broadcast traffic information to your local network (which ForeFlight receives information from)
  11. What happens if you 1) clear the form 2) delete your cookies 3) erase your autofill 4) try again?
  12. Logan, see if this article may help at all.
  13. Danice, on top of what Dace mentioned, when you're unsure of why you're doing something or are concerned, you should question the controller. When you initially took off and made some negative comments how you were being vectored into an obstacle, you should have questioned that. You would have, in that case, found that there was no obstacle since you were well above the minimum vectoring altitude. When you were getting vectored on the downwind, you could have asked for a shorter approach. In the case of MHR, there is terrain which prevents you from being descended below certain altitudes depe
  14. David, I just checked ZNY's website. I suggest you reach out to the TA, DATM, or ATM if you are having issues with their website. Emails/information here.
  15. In the US at least, per AIM 4-1-20 (3): This may vary facility to facility. Some will issue a transponder code on the ground, others may choose to simulate how the specific real-world Class D operates. I'd say go ahead and ask on the ground if you want it. If a controller is working top-down, knowing you want flight following ahead of time will probably be helpful.
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