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  1. Reviving a topic from the dead has a certain spiritual vibe to it.
  2. I've experienced this on the ATC side as well. Don't know how to reproduce it as it happens randomly.
  3. Dana, has this ever worked? To my knowledge, I don't think simulators broadcast traffic information to your local network (which ForeFlight receives information from)
  4. What happens if you 1) clear the form 2) delete your cookies 3) erase your autofill 4) try again?
  5. Logan, see if this article may help at all.
  6. Danice, on top of what Dace mentioned, when you're unsure of why you're doing something or are concerned, you should question the controller. When you initially took off and made some negative comments how you were being vectored into an obstacle, you should have questioned that. You would have, in that case, found that there was no obstacle since you were well above the minimum vectoring altitude. When you were getting vectored on the downwind, you could have asked for a shorter approach. In the case of MHR, there is terrain which prevents you from being descended below certain altitudes depe
  7. David, I just checked ZNY's website. I suggest you reach out to the TA, DATM, or ATM if you are having issues with their website. Emails/information here.
  8. In the US at least, per AIM 4-1-20 (3): This may vary facility to facility. Some will issue a transponder code on the ground, others may choose to simulate how the specific real-world Class D operates. I'd say go ahead and ask on the ground if you want it. If a controller is working top-down, knowing you want flight following ahead of time will probably be helpful.
  9. The simple answer, 95% of the time it will not be an issue. One day you may get unlucky or there happens to be a busy event, but then you just disconnect, move, and reconnect.
  10. Wowzah. Props to the crew at ZOA for staffing furiously!
  11. Yeah, Oakland does not have any pilot training. More than welcome to fly in the airspace, but joining ZOA will only provide you with training to become an Air Traffic Controller.
  12. That's not necessarily true, and highly dependent on weather. Alexander, your route seems fine. I would probably file WARDS V487 BTV V104 MPV at 7000 if I was flying (which is almost exactly the same as yours).
  13. I think there was some confusion, ARTCCs provide training for ATC. Some have pilot training programs, but those are usually self-guided. What you're looking for is an ATO - I recommend VATSTAR.
  14. Mark, with the extremely close times happening right now and this possible error, would a +- 15 minute window be permitted for consistency in choosing the winner(s)?
  15. If you used a sector file, you can just make a new map in vERAM using GeoMap Set Editor. If you only have a video map in the vSTARS XML format, you can convert it back into a sector file using this tool I made . You can then add it to vERAM using GeoMap Set Editor. If you have the files in a .dat format, you can use this other tool I made.
  16. It would also be kind of helpful if it grouped by frequency.
  17. Translated: How do I turn on the microphone, I hear everyone but no one hears me. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned a button it does not work. какой пилотный клиент вы используете?
  18. Welp, could you add this to a list if there is any future VRC update?
  19. Having the same issue again. Think we can get this fixed for CTP?
  20. Is it possible to determine which aircraft are currently on my frequency/frequencies as ATC? The only way I know of is by looking at the overall map and using CTRL+F to find your frequency and then seeing which pilots are tuned to it.
  21. You'll want to check out FlightRadar24 for actual flight tracking
  22. For one, vSTARS/vERAM display untracked aircraft as a different symbol when they are squawking 1200. It's useful ([Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming people are only squawking 1200 when they truly are VFR) to differentiate from someone who's just doing their own thing outside of controlled airspace and an IFR aircraft that isn't speaking with you. While it may not be official, setting anything other than 1200 in the US is preferred.
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