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  1. I do fly quite a bit of freeware in the sim... lol. But I have heard of some very good things about the registered version. Im going to go ahead and contact the devs of vPilot and see if they have any solutions first.
  2. Im guessing thats with the Registered version lol, unfortunately I dont see any setting for that feature.
  3. Well, it seems like the default atc window is not a viable solution to keep comms running on vatsim. After a little while, it seems like the default atc tunes out of the frequency and vPILOT greys out its TX RX again. I even retried to get them back up by restarting the simulator and following the same process I outlined in my message above, but I cant get vPILOTs freqs to work now.
  4. The heli is a Super Stallion actually, by Nemeth Designs, but Lockheed Martin added it into their hanger of aircraft in v4.2. I tried what you said though, made sure everything was powered up, saved as a default, exited, then relaunched and chose the CH-53. Unfortunately that didnt work either, the aircraft spawned in cold and dark, and im sure its doing that because of some .dll gauge with the aircraft. HOWEVER, I did manage to get the comms up on VATSIM with another method; default ATC! After turning on all the systems of the Super Stallion I opened up ther default P3D ATC window (wit
  5. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned a shortcut to Avionics Master and I do notice a small effect of a few instruments turning on and off, but makes no difference on the radios, vatsim comms are still greyed out on vPilot. The radios are on because thats how i tuned the frequency... unless i can tune the freq with the radios off somehow. I also tried [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning Master battery toggle, and still to no avail... Any other possible solutions, or if someone has flown the CH-53E on vatsim, how did you get the comms working???
  6. Hey guys, I dont think the CH-53E has an actual battery to run all of its systems. Does vPilot require the battery of the aircraft to be ON in order for comms to work? I cant even type on Unicom. I tried to briefly look into it, and when I load another aircraft from the CH-53, the batteries are always off, I flip the switch and Vpilots' comms come alive. But as far as I know the CH-53 that comes with P3D doesnt have any battery to run the systems. i can tune all the frequencies just fine in it. -Josh
  7. Ah thanks for the Clarification Brad. Yeah the airport was KSAN. Fly there all the time because I live in San Diego.
  8. Thanks for the Reply Guys! @Nick Warren, I'll definitely red up on that reference when i get the chance, thank you! I guess the confusion was that I said "Ifr practice approaches", and i didnt know that meant I would be going on a missed approach when I got close enough. I was planning on doing a full-stop so i guess I shouldnt have used the word "practice" lol. A friend of mine told me that the airport I was conducting this at had remark in the airport info that said, "PRACTICE APPROACHES AND TGL PROHIBITED." So this could very well be the issue that I failed to comply with haha.
  9. Hey guys, I read online that an IFR approach could be done even if I take off as VFR. When I was in the air, I was going to request IFR to the airport for the approach and I noted in my REMARKS that I was going to be practicing IFR appraches. The controller private messaged me after I took off saying it was illegal to do unfortunately , So I wouldnt be able to perform this. It might have been just misunderstanding between the controller and I. He might have thought I wasnt going to request IFR because I told him I was VFR on the ground. It was in the ZLA area. Or is this an "illegal"
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