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  1. Welcome to VATSIM! I think the best way to learn communications is to hop in a Cessna and fly patterns at a small airport! Once youre more comfortable, a short hop to a bigger airport. The Cessna goes low and slow and helps you not get overwhelmed with things 🙂 Advice: If you dont know, dont be afraid to ask the controller or say you are “unable” to do something. Dont fake it. Use it as a learning experience! The Virtual USA Flying Club would love to have you on our discord! We do lots of group flights and events! Check us out: Virtual USA Flying Club - www.discord.gg/hutMwWR
  2. I decided to fly from coast to coast on VATSIM. Started yesterday but ran into a mechanical problem on the second leg. Started over today in a different aircraft. I made a website where I will be tracking the flight legs so anyone can recreate the flight or fly along with me! I am flying the Carbon Cub. https://sites.google.com/view/fscrosscountry/home?authuser=1
  3. Big fan of your website. Love the livery and the design of the website. If I flew in Europe I would certainly be interested!
  4. Excellent post here, Mats. I just did a flight out of KPDX with a buddy on Discord and he is very new to VATSIM and radio comms with controllers. The controllers were very helpful and friendly. He kept correcting himself on Discord and was embarrassed when he made mistakes. He kept saying things like, "Well that's not how I hear it on LiveATC." I am a teacher, and my advise to newer people on the network would be the same thing I tell my students... If you don't know, ask. Don't be afraid to ask if you're confused! In my experience of being on VATSIM on and off over the years, ATC has always been helpful.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the reply. 🙂
  6. Is there somewhere to donate funds to support the network? I imagine running a server is anything but cheap, and I would like to be able to contribute. I haven’t been able to find anywhere to donate!
  7. Robbie, Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, in my experience, most people do not consider who is behind the keyboard before they say or do rude things. The .wallop advice above is definitely something I would consider doing. People that act like that have no business being a part of this community. If you ever want to fly with someone, let me know. I'd be happy to go up with you. Grant
  8. I have posed a similar question on here because I am also running FSX:SE. Ross Carlson mentioned there is a feature in vPilot that facilitates it and makes sure that there is not someone hovering over you when they are in the same spot as you. Something about hiding people with the same callsign... Anyway, I was thinking that it would be possible to connect online via Steam, share a cockpit using the built in feature on FSX, and then connect to VATSIM using vPilot. That said, that doesn’t solve the problem of one of you being on the box version of FSX.... honestly not sure of any other solutions.
  9. Hey there hoping some other people see this. My issue is with vPilot and FSX:SE so not P3D. I also use the FLAI package. The other day when flying with a friend, he appeared as an A321 instead of his PC12. Is the PC12 just not in the FLAI package? How can I make aircraft appear as a “close” model match (as the PC12 and A321 aren’t even similar in size). Thoughts?
  10. I got the same error as Alexis.
  11. Thanks for the reply and the tip! Good info to have! I might give this a try and see what happens. I think we would have to be in a default aircraft because I don’t believe he has any add-ons. Even so, tooting around in a Cessna is fun as can be! And yes, it is very educational! If I taught an older grade (I teach 2nd) I would see about using flight simulator to teach certain science concepts. We used to have a flight sim in a technology class when I was a kid. Quite a fun experience.
  12. Hey all! I’m just now getting back into the hobby of flight sim after several years off (and oh boy am I coming in fast and hot... my partner is about to start limiting my computer time HAHA). I have a friend that also flies FSX: Steam Edition. I am wanting to share a cockpit with him in a simple way. If we connect to a private lobby on Steam, share a cockpit, and then connect to VATSIM using vPilot as one of our clients... would that in theory allow us to share a cockpit with minimal issues? Or is there a better way to do it? My understanding in the minimal research I’ve done is that sharing a cockpit is possible with XPlane because of add on software. Not sure about FSX:Steam Edition, however and looking for a workaround. Thanks! See you in the air! Grant
  13. Quite cool! Would be fun to keep track of achievements like this. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hey Martin, I think the simplicity of it all is what I enjoy. The airspace is not complex, the airfields are simple to get in and out of, and the flights do not take a long time to complete (depending on what route you want to fly). The stretch of airspace between Maui and Honolulu is one of the busiest in the world! I don't think simulators ever do scenery justice. Hopefully FS2020 solves that 🙂
  15. Mark, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about petty behavior. This is something that I have seen in the various online communities I have been a part of since I began the flight sim hobby as a kid. It doesn't serve a purpose and only degrades the experience of everyone involved! Thanks again, Grant
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