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  1. Looks good! I see you also fly the 737. Do you use an ACARS program or do your pilots manually file?
  2. Hi Tim, I am wondering if you have anymore information on this virtual airline? I am interested in joining, however, there website doesn't have a lot of info unless you register. Thank you for your time, Grant
  3. Hello, Yesterday I loaded into Boston Logan for a flight to Bermuda. I connected to the network through xPilot as I always have (see screenshots for settings). I tuned 121.9 for clearance. When I keyed up my mic, the Rx button illuminated. I noticed the Rx button was grey. I checked that my mic was working through xPilot, and it was. I used the .wallop command because after a few transmissions I thought I was being ignored. It would not allow me to wallop. I then sent a PM to ground who said he could not hear me. I noticed other aircraft moving on the deck and realized I wasn't hearing an
  4. So other virtual groups have limitations. For example, a virtual airline may only fly certain planes to certain destinations. Like Southwest, for example. They only fly the 737. I love the 737 and really enjoy flying it. But sometimes I want to fly a different jet that they don't operate. They may also tell you how often you have to fly. We just enjoy organizing group flights and getting on the network together. No strings attached.
  5. Come join us for our launch event! Fake Plane Fliers, a new Discord Server, is hosting a launch event on Friday, July 31st at 7 PM Central time. We will be flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas! Grab your favorite jet and join in the fun! Our server focuses on laid back flying of all types - airliners, GA, helicopters... we love it all! We enjoy flying together without the limitations of other virtual groups. We are planning on hosting our own monthly events in addition to taking part in other events on the VATSIM network. We would love to see you in the virtual skies. Join us he
  6. So, Pilot Central is sort of a virtual airline. It gives you the ability to fly routes and airlines you want. Here is the link https://pilotcentral.org/home Its super simple to log your flight. In flight plan comments you just type www.pilotcentral.org and it tracks you. No other client or acars software required! Not gonna lie, I wish other VAs would do something similar. Acars systems are neat and all, but my oh my does it make it so much more complicated for someone who wants a simple virtual airline experience. Hope you can join!
  7. Overview Hey everyone. Happy Friday! I am hoping someone here can help me out. I am running X-Plane 11.5b10 with Vulkan enabled. I was also running xPilot, Discord, VATSPY and have VividSky and xVis (those use the Lua script). Additionally, here are my PC specs: Windows 10 Ryzen RX5700 XT 8GB Ryzen 7 3700X 32GB RAM The problem Yesterday I decided I wanted to do a decently long flight from Honolulu to Tahiti. I loaded up on VATSIM in the stock 747-400 with an Atlas Air livery (this one that is not technically for the stock) and took off. After a little ov
  8. Why is this still sticky after all these years if the website isn't active anymore? Can someone go through and clean up the forums a bit?
  9. Welcome to VATSIM! I think the best way to learn communications is to hop in a Cessna and fly patterns at a small airport! Once youre more comfortable, a short hop to a bigger airport. The Cessna goes low and slow and helps you not get overwhelmed with things 🙂 Advice: If you dont know, dont be afraid to ask the controller or say you are “unable” to do something. Dont fake it. Use it as a learning experience! The Virtual USA Flying Club would love to have you on our discord! We do lots of group flights and events! Check us out: Virtual USA Flying Club - www.discord.gg/hutM
  10. I decided to fly from coast to coast on VATSIM. Started yesterday but ran into a mechanical problem on the second leg. Started over today in a different aircraft. I made a website where I will be tracking the flight legs so anyone can recreate the flight or fly along with me! I am flying the Carbon Cub. https://sites.google.com/view/fscrosscountry/home?authuser=1
  11. Big fan of your website. Love the livery and the design of the website. If I flew in Europe I would certainly be interested!
  12. Excellent post here, Mats. I just did a flight out of KPDX with a buddy on Discord and he is very new to VATSIM and radio comms with controllers. The controllers were very helpful and friendly. He kept correcting himself on Discord and was embarrassed when he made mistakes. He kept saying things like, "Well that's not how I hear it on LiveATC." I am a teacher, and my advise to newer people on the network would be the same thing I tell my students... If you don't know, ask. Don't be afraid to ask if you're confused! In my experience of being on VATSIM on and off over the years, ATC has alw
  13. Awesome! Thanks for the reply. 🙂
  14. Is there somewhere to donate funds to support the network? I imagine running a server is anything but cheap, and I would like to be able to contribute. I haven’t been able to find anywhere to donate!
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