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  1. I will say there is a ground controller at Boston that prides himself on speaking as fast as he can... not sure why as it is inefficient and counterintuitive. Glad you had a good experience otherwise!
  2. Thank you for the advice! I am very similar in that I also learn by doing. Practicing is the best way to get good at something. I like the swiss army knife concept. That will be much simpler I think than what I was thinking with the vSpeed calculator. Thank you!
  3. Good advice! Definitely don't want to bite off more than I can chew. I was thinking something like a v-speed calculator - since not every plane can calculate that and it is sometimes a guessing game for simmers. Do you think that would still be too involved for a novice programmer? It would essentially function like a calculator wouldn't it? Thanks for the advice!
  4. Hello, World! (haha... get it) I am taking a leap and going to start investing some time into learning Python. I would eventually like to develop some sort of program (I have ZERO coding experience) that is helpful to flight simmers. What kind of small, simple program do you think would be helpful to an average simmer and be something that would be good experience for a new programmer to try and develop? Thank you! (Also, any tips or resources that you know of for Python are welcome! I am currently using freecodecamp)
  5. Cloud9 Virtual is hosting an event for pilots on Saturday, December 5 @ 2300Z. We will be flying from San Francisco to Las Vegas (just a short hop!) Come join us! We would love for you to tag along and if you're interested, join our ranks! Check out the event here: https://fly-cloud9.com/index.php/ccevents/event/6 Grant, Cloud9 Event Coordinator
  6. Hey John, having a similar issue with CSLs. Did you ever come to a solution? thanks!
  7. Thanks Rob! I turned my PC off for the night do vouldn’t get to them. You’re a heck of a guy!
  8. Hey there! On mobile so I can’t post my logs at the moment. My Xplane is crashing but it is not indicated as “crashing” in the log. Rather that it was exited... however, I am not exiting it. i am suspicious of CSL being the culprit. But will post my logs later when I get a chance. what are your thoughts on the log not explicitly saying Xplane crashes?
  9. VATSpy will not stay open for longer than about 1 minute before crashing and closing.
  10. Looks good! I see you also fly the 737. Do you use an ACARS program or do your pilots manually file?
  11. Hi Tim, I am wondering if you have anymore information on this virtual airline? I am interested in joining, however, there website doesn't have a lot of info unless you register. Thank you for your time, Grant
  12. Hello, Yesterday I loaded into Boston Logan for a flight to Bermuda. I connected to the network through xPilot as I always have (see screenshots for settings). I tuned 121.9 for clearance. When I keyed up my mic, the Rx button illuminated. I noticed the Rx button was grey. I checked that my mic was working through xPilot, and it was. I used the .wallop command because after a few transmissions I thought I was being ignored. It would not allow me to wallop. I then sent a PM to ground who said he could not hear me. I noticed other aircraft moving on the deck and realized I wasn't hearing an
  13. So other virtual groups have limitations. For example, a virtual airline may only fly certain planes to certain destinations. Like Southwest, for example. They only fly the 737. I love the 737 and really enjoy flying it. But sometimes I want to fly a different jet that they don't operate. They may also tell you how often you have to fly. We just enjoy organizing group flights and getting on the network together. No strings attached.
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