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  1. Why does it not surprise me that they're finding ways to slow everything down if you're using a vpn 🙄 personally i've not had any issues with expressVPN (in some cases it's actually faster with the VPN turned on) I haven't changed providers yet as my building was not configured to accept DU connections when i first moved here 6 years ago, and the ridiculous cancellation fees really put me off. Maybe once i move out i can look at changing providers.
  2. I can also confirm that the use of a paid VPN service results in me being able to connect in the UK and Europe without issue. Looks like it really is the ISP's screwing us! It's annoying that it's resorted to this, since we used to be able to connect freely and without any issue when the UAE servers were up, and especially since the use of VPN's in the UAE is frowned upon (but NOT illegal in our use case, see: this post from a law firm) just be careful if you're going to use them!
  3. You might be onto something here mate, i too used to use the UAE servers until they disappeared, and then the Sydney one until a couple of weeks ago until that one also went the way of the dodo. I then used Singapore with marginal success, but now i'm back using UK1 or UK2 and just flying around the states. Only time i've had Issues in the states was at Chicago and then Miami a few days ago. No ATC but it got busy and disconnected me. I can also see it try and load traffic and ATC into the sim just before it disconnects. I too would gladly talk to Etisalat if i knew what to tell th
  4. Bit of a strange one, i managed to connect for a few minutes in Manchester (EGCC). After a disconnection, i quickly reconnected and it seemed to stay connected for a those few minutes, but during that time not a single other aircraft was injected into my sim. I purposely chose Manchester since a VATSIM tracker app showed about 9 aircraft on ground there. After a restart of vPilot i could not consistently connect to any of the servers for more than 30 seconds (and it still did not show any other aircraft during those 30 seconds). For reference i'm using vPilot v2.5.2. Two nights ago i als
  5. Buoyed by this i tried the same... On every server i get a disconnect after 10-30 seconds... But hopefully it will start to improve soon, especially if it's working for you **Quick update @1747z, now i'm back to having issues connecting at all, and even the USA is now no longer working for me, constant disconnections after roughly 20 seconds 🙄 i've attached a screenshot of my vpilot, the multipile connections are me trying different servers
  6. Managed to fly PDX-SJU yesterday with no dissconnects which is good... Tried to connect in a cessna at my home town airport (EGTO) this morning and got a different error message: [06:30:11] Connected to voice server. [06:30:38] Network error: EndReceive failed: (10060) A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond [06:30:38] Disconnected from network. [06:30:39] Disconnected from voice server. Anyone else tried to connect in europe and got
  7. Yep, only US airports seem to be working, anywhere else is a non-starter. The internet in this region is so heavily filtered and controlled before it gets to the end user that i can see there being an error somewhere along the line that's disallowing connections onto vatsim (think along the lines of VOIP blocking which is ridiculous in itself and a whole different story)... But it's still very, very strange that we are able to fly in the USA but nowhere else on the planet. One would think that sim location would have nothing to do with it since our computers are all sitting in one place!
  8. I'll take a look now and try to connect, i tried earlier in the day to connect at WSSS and still got the exact same fault, i also tried the multiple server options given by vpilot. I'm boosted a little by Andreas's post, hopefully now it's got some attention we can get a fix... inshallah! *Update as of 1512LT / 1112UTC, i am connected on the Singapore server in KCVG and it seems to be connected ok... Will try the UK and see if it keeps the connection **Still experiencing issues in the UK
  9. Hi all, jumping over from another forum again, i'm also living in the UAE and have been having this issue for a while (about a month) i was also using the Sydney server with marginal success, whilst it would not disconnect entirely from the network, the voice server would be constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. Hopefully there'll be some kind of fix for this but i have a feeling it's the ISP's (mine is Etisalat) fiddling with the bandwidth... Shame, there used to be 2 UAE servers for VATSIM as well!
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