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  1. From: https://www.vatsim.net/pilot-resource-centre/vatsim-basics/important-rules Important Rules 3. Pilots need to check regularly whether they are flying through controlled (live staffed) airspace. Pilots shall ideally make contact with ATC before entering controlled airspace, or as soon as possible if a controller logs on while crossing through that controller’s airspace. You should have made contact with the controller. This is a very old chestnut on the VATSIM network. However: From the Code of Conduct"; section: "B3(a) - Pilots shall monitor their flight
  2. I have only encountered this when using ES 32a24 with vSMR.
  3. Oh, you send a good message my friend! Unfortunately, it was/is way off the topic or point if you will that Dan and I raised. Gunnar has now mounted an apologia of sorts and while it's not a: "We're sorry guys, we blew it. Should have given you a shout out before we pressed the button." it will have to do. It's just that we would prefer to be treated like colleagues rather than subjects.
  4. Mr. President, That is reasonably close to an apology. Reasonably. "Had we known what an emotive subject this would be we would of course had done more to re-assure our friends Down Under and in NZ prior to the change taking place." It made a small change in how people connected to the network. The technical differences were, except to a few, invisible. The original question was " Why didn't you tell us this would/might happen before it happened?" It would have taken far less of your time to have dashed off a notice than it has now taken to deal with the backlash. (I w
  5. You've entirely missed the point Andreas. I do not speak officially for either VATPAC or VATNZ but to suggest that either have been in the least ungrateful for the situation in which they found themselves lowers the tone of the discussion and does nothing for the community at large. Please re-read Dan's post. I thought he was being unusually clear.😊
  6. Matt, Thank you for your response. I appreciate the magic you and your team create for the users of this facility. I just don't understand why some one last week could not have said: "Please be aware that there are going to be some major changes made to the VATSIM infrastructure. Some strange things may appear to be happening. Some changes will be permanent, others will not. A formal announcement will be made when we figure out what is happening, no scratch that!😘 When we can fully document these changes and be assured that they will work to he benefit of the community." T
  7. About 5300 K from Adelaide to Singapore and 12800 from Adelaide to San Francisco.
  8. I'm feeling the same sense of frustration at the lack of response. Surely some one in "officialdom" would have the courtesy of replying to the queries that I know have been made. If only to say that they don't know what is happening.
  9. I'm afraid it's a loosing battle Simon. It is a shame that so many pixels are being extinguished in defense of poor manners. It is pity that even 2% of our membership are not confident in themselves. But there you have it. The modern world. Every bit at righteously right as we were a decade or two ago.
  10. It is xPilot Andreas. But I like swift! It a great many very useful features.
  11. I can connect swift 276 with X-Plane 11.50b4 and it appears to work in all respect except actually rendering other aircraft on my screen. Voice works with controllers. Other aircraft are shown on the swift radar. Aircraft, ATC and User lists appear to be correct. The Models list indicates Rendered aircraft are being rendered. Is this swift? Or am I missing something? Do you need any files?
  12. Yes, I would. Again, simply from the perspective of polite, courteous and professional relations between adults and those learning to be adults. 😊 Very old fashioned. I would be surprised if more than three people out of the thirty-three on line when I counted have a real need to pursue this hobby in a state of anonymity. I also agree with with Liesel. I don't think it is reasonable to require people to expose their identity. However, the policies we have in place to protect our privacy allow this public anonymity for those who feel the need so, with cane in ha
  13. Yes things have changed in a lot of field in the last 20 years. Not all of these changes have been for the better. I am of the same mind as Simon and Andrew. It is as much a matter of politeness, good manners if you will as anything else. Many would say that these are old fashioned values and I would agree. Nevertheless, without these values, society crumbles. It is a bit difficult to respect a number let alone engage in an sort of relationship. Quig 885897
  14. No! That is worse than VATSIM's recent decision to remove the requirement for full real names when logging on.
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