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  1. Thank you for the feedback, appreciated Nicholas
  2. Hi Guys Where can I get the configuration file for this station? The new facility for it within vATIS has been created already, just need the configuration file Appreciated
  3. I will try and answer you as short as possible.. 🙂 The way to understand when to call which ATC has got to do with understanding airspaces; for me at least when I finally understood that, it opened a whole new world to me. Lets say you only have TWR online.. his airspace normally; this will depend on each airport; is from 0ft to 2500ft AGL out to about 10nm horisontally. So youre flying along at 2000ft AGL and when about 10nm out you will call TWR and says: ABC Tower; Type C172; 10nm North West request joining and landing instructions. Its also good to listen to the ATIS and confi
  4. I normally startup already and ask for taxi clearance.. I will just say: ABC at apron XYZ; type C172; 1+1 onboard; 2hours endurance; with information A; request taxi instructions for circuits and/or VFR flight to ................ Something like that 🙂
  5. Hello Guys Vatsaf ATO is looking to appoint an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant Pilot Training Director The candidate will be responsible for the following: 1. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting a member into the PTD, if required by a meeting in Discord to explain the details and registration process 2. Placing the Student in the relevant study group within the PTD 3. Emailing the Student the required study material 4. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting the Student with any question he/she may have wrt the study material. 5. Arranging Practical exams once the theory exam is p[Mod - Happy Thoughts
  6. We are extremely happy to report that VATSAF had its first successful P2 Practical exam yesterday. Although we had some glitches, called growing pains, we still managed to complete the exam to a satisfactory standard The candidate, being a real world pilot, p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed with a score of 97% Congrats George Leonard !!! Nico de Lange 1278273 VATSAF3 VATSAF Southern African Pilot Training Director
  7. The "Gold Run" Event between OR Tambo Intl (FAOR) and Cape Town Intl (FACT) launched last week Wednesday continues this week and every Wednesday evening thereafter.. Event time is from 16:30z/18:30local to 17:00z/21:00local South Africa will be lit up and Pilots can expect full ATC coverage from startup to shutdown. You are welcome to fly to/from other airports within South Africa but the emphasise will be on FAOR and FACT Pencil down the date and do join us for a fun filled evening. Remember South African ATC don`t bite lol Scenery: FSX/P3D here: http://www.freewarescen
  8. ACCSAF and Vatsaf is proud to announce the launching of the "Gold Run" Event between OR Tambo Intl (FAOR) and Cape Town Intl (FACT) next week Wednesday the 28th March 2018 between 18:30local/ 16:30z and 21:00local/19:00z What makes this Event special is that it will be repeated every Wednesday evening thereafter with all of South Africa lit up. Pilots can expect full ATC coverage from startup to shutdown. You are welcome to fly to/from other airports within South Africa but the emphasise will be on FAOR and FACT Pencil down the date and do join us for a fun filled evening. Reme
  9. ACCSAF invites all pilots to attend the Cape Town fly-in! Join us on Sunday the 18th of March between 12:00z and 16:00z in Cape Town as we light up the African skies with plenty of frequencies. During the event we do recommend flying the Cape Town – Johannesburg route, also known as the 9th Busiest Domestic route in the world. With 31 914 p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers frequenting the route each year, you might as well try it out yourself and experience all the thrills of the breathtaking scenery. There is a CPT exam which will be taken place during the Event We look forward to pro
  10. This week we do it in the middle of South Africa Bring along your small GA Aircraft for some circuits or the big Birds and fly into, out or around Bloemfontein Airport FABL to/from your destination of choice.. Charts: here: http://www.caa.co.za/Aeronautical%20Charts/Forms/AllItems.aspx FSX Scenery here: - http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/southafrica.html X-Plane here: https://gateway.x-plane.com/airports/page Also check out the ACCSAF Website here: http://www.accsaf.co.za/​ As usual the friendliest ATC around will be provided.. ACCSAF Events Dept.
  11. Hi Guys The new vSAA, check out the link here --> http://www.virtualsaa.com was recently launched with great success. To keep that momentum going we are launching an inaugural vSAA Event this Saturday 10 March 2018 between 13:00z and 16:00z The event will have the departures from OR Thambo International (FAOR) to any destination around SA or abroad that may be flown by the pilots schedule. For those interested in doing ATC, please jump in and grab your favourite ATC positions for this event as soon as possible, to ensure you get a spot to be part of this exciting launch of vSAA
  12. We continue our exploration of New Zealand this coming Saturday morning We take off from Manapouri (NZMO) at 08:00z, pick up the Manapouri NDB (346.00) and head N/E through the mountains to land at Queenstown (NZQN) Safe altitude 7500ft Queenstown VOR = 113.60 Distance 56nm with flying time around 40min. Good flying and don`t get lost Nico de Lange ACCSAF Events Dept.
  13. Hello All The SA vACC have some exciting events planned for January and February 2018 They are as follows: 1. Wednesday 17 January 2018 from 17:30z (19:30 Local) connecting Cape Town Intl FACT and Windhoek FYWH under ATC coverage. 2. a Newbie Event. Time will be from 18:00z (20:00 local) The planned date and airport will be confirmed and will be updated here accordingly. 3. Sunday 28 February 2018 - the Kenyan Event (advertise already) 4. Sunday 11 February 2018 from 12:00z (14:00 local) a Ocean Hop from OR Tambo Intl FAOR to Mauritius FIMP 5. Wednesday 21 February 2018 a speci
  14. Hi Guys Delta Virtual Airlines will be flying into Lanseria FALA on a group flight from Anchorage PANC tomorrow eveing at around 19:00z Let`s welcome them in true SA spirit Looking to staff FALA_TWR; JHB TMA and FAJA CTR IFR/VFR traffic also most welcome Thx Nico dxe Lange ACCSAF6
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