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  1. Thanks, as posted on the DutchVACC forum, my issue is fixed. Did a full reinstall. Apparently something went wrong during the installation.
  2. That's weird. I've installed ES before, on anoter pc, about a year ago. When i installed it the frequencies all popped up... I've just double checked my installation and all the steps were done in order and correctly...
  3. Hello, Just installed ES and wanted to connect to a frequency. When i tried to connect to one, ES didn't show me any. https://imgur.com/a/kAvDp - screenshot of what ES gives me. Does anyone know what causes this issue and how i can resolve it? Best regards, Bram Sars
  4. Hello, I was trying to change the list colors in ES. I wanted to make ''SQ error'' appear in red but it didn't work. Could someone explain the process of changing list colors? would be very helpful! Regards, Bram
  5. Ok, thank you very much. I got an Airlines.txt file from another controller, it seems to be working now. Cheers
  6. Yes, i'm aware of these options. I loaded all of these (Schiphol TWR in my case), and they still won't show up.
  7. I've loaded all SCT files matching my main sector file, and the callsigns still don't show up. I also tried loading different SCT files which didn't work.
  8. Hello, I'm fairly new to ES and controlling in general. I was observing this afternoon and asked a controller where he could see the correct pronunciation for each airline. (i know most of them but some are new or fictional). He said that some people put their callsign in their FP remarks, but some don't. If they haven't put their callsign in their FP, he said that the correct pronunciation will apear in the white line at the bottom of his screen. When i clicked on several aircraft's tags, this would not show up for me. Does this have anything to with possible incorrect settings i
  9. Hello, I'm new to EuroScope and controlling in general. Just starting to get familiar with the program. I was wondering where i can see the active squawk codes. I know you can see them via the flight plan, but i'd like to be able to see them all at once (at the departure list for example) Does anyone know if/how this is possible? Regards
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