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  1. hello everyone hope everyone is fine this evening I will get sight to the point I am looking for some one that really knows his/her stuff when it comes to making euroscope sector files we at vacc Malta have hit a dead end on creating a high detailed ground layout and we were hoping that some on can help us make what we need. or at least put us in the right direction. the problem with are sector file its very basic doesn't Mach up with aircraft unless the person is flying default scenery. what I have done up to now is take a pdf chart and loaded it in AutoCAD and removed everything not n
  2. Full ATC for 4 Hours Overload Starts: 2016-03-12 18:00:00 UTC; Ends: 2016-03-12 22:00:00 UTC; Airports: LMML Organized by: vACC Malta Description: vACC Malta invites you to the inaugural "Malta Overload." We will be providing a first cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] full ATC service for 4 Hours! Malta is situated just off the southern coast of Italy and this make it the perfect place to fly from for the short pilots buzzing around the short sectors or the long haul guys cruising high above the European airspace. With Malta being only one hour away from Greece and South Africa
  3. Ok so the deputy of the website will be in charge with helping the web master in all aspects of the website this is everything from styling to coding systems getting Vbook to work areas are webmaster really need help in is help on a mentoring system were people can request mentoring for both or either ATC or Pilot. A place for mentors so that they can upload a mentoring notes or pick up sessions that said user has requested to the person they have just had a mentoring session . and Code a staff zone were changes to website relevant to the staff department can be done. ther
  4. vACC Malta is looking for someone to help are current webmaster this person dose not need to become part of vACC Malta but the option is there. individual will be given full [Mod - Happy Thoughts]es to are website to help the VACC webmaster If any one can help please email me at [email protected] kind regards always Nathaniel Mitchell Deputy Director ACCMAL2
  5. if you don't mide me asking were dose one enable the error reporting for sso and moddle jhanthan is gonna look though his sever logs kind regards
  6. hahahaha he has done m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive debug and cant find the issue dose the website have to be live for a starts for the sso to work coz the demo worked with it not live. kind regards Nathaniel Mitchell membership director Malta
  7. vACC Malta events has an opening for an events director. The candidate must Must have good organisation skills Must be in good standing with vatsim candidate will have to comity to the vACC for minimum of 1 year, and will join friendly staff the ranks at Malta. the candidate will answer to ACCMAL 1 ACCMAL 2 ACCMAL 3 you will also be working close with the webmaster any candidate interested can email my self at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from any one who wishes to apply for the event Nathaniel Mitchell Membership director ACCMAL3 vACCmalta
  8. vACC Malta is looking for a deputy webmaster to help share the work load are main webmaster candidate would not need to be staff at are vacc. but the option is there if you so wanted to if you are interested please submit an email to my self at [email protected] requirements must have good knowledge of how to run website must be able to code must have knowledge of teamspeak Have no major disciplinary history with the VATSIM Network i look forward to hearing from any one that is interested kindest regards Nathaniel Mitchell membership director ACCMAL3 Malta
  9. hi all is the vatsim main website down as i caint get the website to load
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